Live Events between Students

  • 1st Live Event: Realize our Code of Conduct 

    Our first Students meeting between all the members of the project in which we brainstorm about Green Behavior, present the Code of Conduct achieved in the Netiquette part collaboratively and discovering the notion of Misinformation through a game to celebrate the event Safer Internet Day 2021.

    and this is the recording


    2nd Live Event : Realize our Green Behavior Code

    Our Students meeting is scheduled in 31/05/2021

    in which

    1/ They will present their international collaborative work by designing a member to present the work of his/her team. 






    2/ Then each student access to mentimeter  tool to vote for the best CODE to represent next the Green Behavior which is our Project purpose.

    3/This is the result of voting: 

    Congratulations to Team 8 who win and obtain the maximum of votes.
    The code of th Team 8 is our Green Behavior Code which represents the behaviour that minimises harm to the environment as much as possible.
    It is the commitment to a Greener Earth.

    4/This is the recording


  • Classroom Ambiance

    1st students meeting 08 02 2021

    To celebrate the Safer Internet Day and to present our Code of Conduct (Tunisia)

    2nd Students meeting 31 05 2021

    To vote for the best code

    2nd Students meeting

    Here some photos of the live event from "D. Alighieri" Lower secondary School, Merlara (Italy)