Communication Between Partners and Students

  • From the very beginning of the project all teachers involved have agreed that effective communication and collaboration are essential to achieve the set goals and make students become successful learners and enjoy school time. They are conscious that it is primarily through dialogue and examining different perspectives that students become knowledgeable, strategic, self-determined, and empathetic. Moreover, they strongly believe that involving students in real-world tasks and linking new information to prior knowledge requires effective communication and collaboration among teachers, students, and others. Indeed, it is through dialogue and interaction that curriculum objectives come alive. Collaborative learning affords students enormous advantages not available from more traditional instruction because a group - whether it be the whole class or a learning group within or outside the class - can accomplish meaningful learning and solve problems better than any individual can alone.

    Throughout the project the partner teachers have communicated by:

    1/ The Twinspace of the project  through the Twinmail, the Teacher Bulletin or the Project Journal whether it is to ask for clarification, share students' activities, plan for activities or live events, to agree on the kind of products the students had to focus on, to ask confirmation on how to proceed or interact with other teachers.

    Example of Teachers Bulletin

    Example of Project Journal


    2/ Live events were used to check the progression of the project and clarify uncertainties: 

      2.1. Partners Meetings

      2.2.  Meetings between Teachers and their students

      2.3. Videos Conferences between Students 


    3/ The Forums allowed both the students and the teachers to interact with each other through a fun icebreaking activity.

    In fact we have 1 forum to know each others Link and 9 forums, one forum for each team (9 Teams) inorder to discuss brainstorm and express their opinions about Media Literacy and Misinformation through images and news related the our topic (Environment, Nature...) 

    Team9 (Link), Team8 (Link), Team7 (Link), Team6 (Link), Team5 (Link), Team4 (Link), Team3 (Link), Team2 (Link), Team1 (Link)


    - 3/ a Messenger group dedicated to the project:

          3.1. Between Teachers Partners:

          3.2. Between Students Teams:





























    Communication has been a constant element of the project and it has fostered collaboration. It has allowed to implement the activities in the involved schools at the same time and to achieve the planned learning outcomes with great satisfaction for both students and teachers.