Icebreaking activities

  • (photos of pupils working on the ice-breaking activities can be found on the TwinBoard below)

    A. Students Twinspace profiles : Students introduce themselves, complete their TwinSpace profiles with text and an image and post information about classmates on their walls.

    B. Who are we? Project Classes:Each partner class turns a class photo into a jigsaw puzzle using jigsaw planet and shares the puzzle on the TwinSpace

    C. What I know about you? :Students brainstorm what they know about their partners' countries and add notes, photos or videos on the Twinboard  of the dedicated page. Partners react to the information about them (Is it true? Is it false?) and add comments in the Discussion Forum at the bottom of the same page. 

    D. Celebrating ChristmasStudents prepare online cards using Scratch program in which they code beautiful posters 2021

    E. Celebrating the Safer Internet Day: Students celebrate the SID 2021 through a live event in which they discovered some notions to keep their surfing safe and secure.



  • Students engagement

    Pioneer middle school of sfax tunisia

    My students participate in the icebreaking activities