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                     Welcome to the French page and the 10 top atractions of Le Havre, France, selected and described by the French students.

    Le Havre is the second biggest port of France.  It is situated in the north west of the country, in Normandy. It was built by King François Premier. The town was destroyed during World War II and rebuilt by the architect Auguste Perret.  It is a very modern city -a Unesco World Heritage site visited by more and more tourists. Cruise ships are daily stopping here and many  events are taking place like La Transat Jacques Vabre, the famous sailing race. In 2017, Le Havre is celebrating its 500th birthday, we are preparing amazing celebrations !



    The 10 top atractions of Le Havre, France


    1) Back to the 50'!!!

    Auguste Perret Show Appartment

    In the Show Apartment, you can see one  central heater for all the apartments of the building.

    Did you think it was not possible to do this in the 50'?? But for Auguste Perret it was

    possible !

    The apartments are modern with a big kitchen. Too little for you ? No simply beautiful.


    The Apartments are so big, just think about it , we are just after  World War II. There is so

    many light, it’s so clear. And in the Bathroom……, there is a tub……

     You must come in Le Havre, you must visit the Show Apartment !

    For the visit

    When you come, you must experience the individual guided tour : it’s on

    Wednesday,Saturday and Sunday at 2P.M, at 3P.M, at 4P.M and at 5P.M.

    I have  good news for you : it’s free every first Saturday of the month.

    For the individual guided  tour you must come with 14 another people because the visits are

    limited to 15 people.

    Because you visit the Show Apartment, you can have more information in the House of the

    Patrimoine, 181 rue de Paris in Le Havre 76600. I can't wait to see you  in Le Havre !! 

     By Augustine Barbaste


    2) The marvellous gardens

    This place can be shooting.

    It's quiet and you can be inspired or you can think and relax.

    You can organise a picnic with friends, your family or simply take a walk. There are places where kids can play.

    There are beautiful exotic plants.

    It's complety free.

    Tour schedule : open 7j/7

                            en mars de 11h à 17h45

                            d'avril à septembre 11h à 19h

    Location : rue du Fort, 76620 Le Havre

     by Laure Alves and Alexandra Larcher



    Where is it ?





    The stadium is the first building you see when you come in le havre. This stadium is very big of 25000 seats. This stadium was opened in 2012 therefore it is a modern stadium.





    The HAC (havre athletic club) is the older club in  France in the second division. This stadium is for football rugby and for concert like star 80 the team of France came play in this stadium.










    The team of Uruguay and the girl team of Brazil and of France were playing in this stadium.


    Are you interested by the modern art ?

    Don't miss the opportunity! Go see this beautiful stadium!

    When you go in Le Havre go see this stadium.

    Why go to this stadium 

    You must go to this stadium because you don't have to pay a lot of for a place. In this stadium there is a very good atmosphere.

     by Yolane Abid



    4) Meet the History!


    Come and see

    the amazing gardens around the abbey...

    See the beautiful landscapes...

    ...And enjoy the moment


    A very old place!

    This abbey of our town is listed historical monument since 1875. 

    The church is 47.5 meters high.


    This amazing built is located between LE HAVRE and HARFLEUR

    A wonderful place on the edge of our impressive river: the Seine.


    Do you want to see the ancient time?

    The abbey of Graville is a big place of worship. The church is built in the style of Romanesque art except the choir which is built in the style of  Gothic art!


    In this abbey, there is the most beautiful Statue of Normandie and more than 150 models of the town from the XIXth to XXth century


    A place to see if you come to this city

    A Monument which survived the war!


    Opening hours:


    Monday:        11-12h30         13h30-18h

    Tuesday:        closed

    Wednesday:  14h-18h

    Thursday: 11-12h30  13h30-18h

    Friday:           11-12h30         13h30-18h

    Saturday: 11-12h30   13h30-18h

    Sunday: 11-12h30     13h30-18h


    Location: 1 rue Jerôme Bellarmato

                            76600 Le Havre


    Price: 5€


    See you Soon!

    The Abbey Of Graville

     By Barthélémy Stil

    A Place full of Surprises

    « Les jardins suspendus », the best place to enjoy the best panoramic of the Le Havre


    Do you want to go for a walk  ?

     In a magnificient place  ?

    Maybe a botanic garden  ?

     I think I've got something for 

    I suggest « Les jardins suspendus ».

    It's a wonderful botanic garden built in 2008 inside an old fort in Sainte Adresse.

    It's situated in Sanvic, a quarter of Le Havre.

    Enjoy a long walk next to the numerous plants, flowers and other varieties. Indee, there is over 3700 plants species !

    Fancy the superb sight of the sea

    And if it's not enough for you, the parc suggest many activities for everyone !

    And, of course, it's free ! There are shows, gardening workshops, expositions,


    Here are the opening hours :

    - april to september : everyday (10h30-20h)

    - in october : everyday (10h30-18h)

    - november to februar : everyday (10h30-17)

    I hope to see you there 

     By Noémie Balestra



    Awesome gardens


    Do want you to become a great botanist? Don’t miss the opportunity to see the great botanical park: “Les jardins Suspendus”

    Do you want follow the footstep from Adventurer !?

     This park takes the place from Saint-Adresse olds fort. This fort was used  at WW2 .

    In 2010 “Les jardins suspendus” grow 3500 sorts of vegetable.There greenhouses abound in treasures. The theme of Terraced gardens holds the evocation of the journey of plants through the oceans, the relation between the man and the plant, and the evocation of distant regions suppliers of vegetables .


    The park is situated in the upper town in the district form Sainte-Adresse. We still get a wonderful view from Le Havre and The English Channel


    Gardens are opened to the public all year long, even if schedules vary according to the season of course that’s free

    From April till September, every day from 10:30 am till 8 pm.

    In October, every day from 10:30 am till 6 pm.

    From November till February, every day from 10:30 am till 5 pm.

    In March, every day from 10:30 am till 6 pm.


     By Mathieu Héricier



    If you already appreciated the superb city center of le Havre, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy more of Perret's fabulous 


    But do you know who Auguste Perret was? Let's give you some information ! 

    He was the famous architect who was in charge of the reconstruction of the town after it was bombed

    during the 2nd Word War. Fancy a great experience visiting the result of his work !


    Are you asking yourself « what's so special about this church » ?

    It is a fascinating octogonal tower which is 107 meters big ! Pay attention to its large variety of stained-glass windows : they're about 6500 ! You'll be stunned !

    Be also aware of their tonalities : they're depending on the orientation. For example, they're golden at the south, green and purple at the west... You'll see, it's magnificient to look at !

    What's more, keep in mind that Auguste Perret dedicated this church to all the victims of the bombings. He wanted it to be the first visible monument when you arrive by the sea. Great, isn't it ?

    Opening hours : every day from 10:00AM to 18:00PM

     By Hortense Cuchet

    6) Les Bains des Docks

    You search an extraordinary swimming pool? Come to Les bains des docks : Sauna, hammam, gym, relaxation area. A 50-meter pool and many pools for sharing unforgettable moments with family one very long slide.


    4.90€ for adult

    2€ for children of 3 to 12 years free for children under 3 years

    Hour openning :

    10h-20h every day.

    Le Havre, France  76600

    Quai de la réunion
    76600 Le Havre
    Tél. : 02 32 79 29 55

    By Nils Poulat

    By Sacha Groscol

     By Hugo Chambrelan

    7) The King       




    Dock Vauban is a         commercial center.

      There are many shops and restaurants.

       If you like shopping that is where you must  come !

        There  is H&M, Zara, Mango,soon Primark and many others.

        If you have a little hungree, this is what you need. If you like hang round you can !

    Because next to Dock Vauban there is « bassin Vauban » and you can walk here.

       If you like to see news films on the cinema,we are a BIIIG cinema Gaumont . It is really great.

    Next to this commercial center there is many ways to get there: bus tramway, train...

         Dock Vauban is near        

              everything !


    8) Normandy Bridge

     By Romain Paulin


    9) La Cathédrale Notre Dame


    In 1520, a wooden chapel  was built, the works will last two years. Unfortunately it was destroyed by the tide three years later. A new chapel was built and a steeple was added, but again it did not last, and the English put it down in 1563. In 1575, the new church was pillaged by the protestants. The inhabitants of Le Havre decided to build a church made of stones. It was finished 61 years later. The portal was added in 1638 and the organ was offered by Richelieu in 1638.

    It was damaged regularly during the wars against the English and against the Germans. It even became a Protestant church. The complete restauration came to an end in 1980, and the big organ donated by Richelieu was re installed.


    10) La Maison de l'Armateur


    Did you know that in this modern town called Le Havre, a typical Louis XVI house could be seen and visited? It is one of the oldest building in the city which was destroyed during WW2.

    In the picturesque Quartier Saint François, where fishermen boats are attached, you will find La Maison de l’Armateur.

    Can you imagine the life of people at that time? Come into one of the beautifully decorated living-rooms. The feeling  is amazing, you can feel the soul of the business man that lived there. He had set his offices on the ground floor and lived upstairs with his family. He used to come in Le Havre each Winter.


    His name was Martin-Pierre Foäche (1728-1816) and he asked the famous Pierre-Adrien Pâris, member of the King’s cabinet, to nicely decorate his house.

    Precious exotic wood essences are present in the rooms. Have you ever thought you would be able to something as refined as this ?

    Don’t come alone, bring your family ! For one of the most interesting return to the past.

    A special guide has been made for the children.

    Guided tours every Saturday (except on the 1st Saturday of the month) at 11 am and 3.30 pm. Also on Sundays at 11 am.

    Groups are accepted ! We are waiting for you every day from 11 to 12.30 am and from 1.30 to 6 pm.

    Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings, January 1st, May 1st and 8th, November 11th and December 25th

    3 Quai de l'Île, 76600 Le Havre
    02 35 19 09 85


    By Lou Hue

     By Mathieu Héricier

     By Nathan Durand

     By Thomas Perquier