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  • Dear fans of Greece, this is your page.


    First of all,I'd like to visit Greece and spend a gap year there for several reasons. First of all the weather is usually warm and sunny. Personally, I am bored of the dark clouds, the wind and the rain of Normandy. I'd like to be able to wear T-shirts all the time.


    I am really interested in the Greek mythology: all the monsters, heroes and gods are fascinating. I little historical places too and I would like to go the Theatre of Dionysus, The Pnyx and the Acropolis. These places were really important in the Antiquity and many things happened there a long time ago. These are the last witnesses of a lost civilization. I'd like to go to the Attica Zoological Park in Sparta as well because I love animals. The center of Athens would be nice to visit too because there is the National Garden and it is relaxing if we want to see something else than concrete walls and tar ground.

    I am not sure I would enjoy the Greek food as they seem to cook with a lot of fish and meat with olive oil but I could eat the bread and yoghurt without any problems !

    I don't really like the Greek music and typical dance called Sirtakis. For me, it is boring because I love rock and more epic music.

    I would also like to see the Greek Islands like the Cyclades or the Sporades. The water is so blue, it is beautiful and the surrounding nature as well. The little white houses are nice and I am sure there are historical things to find, hidden on all these Islands.

    Ryan FR

    I totally agree with Ryan, the Greek language sounds great and it would be great to learn it ! Moreover, I share similar thoughts with the other participants, there are a lot of beautiful places I would like to visit because they are full of history and stories. I would like to add Greek people seem to be very nice with others. I was also impressed by their architecture.

    Margaux, FR


    I have decided to visit Greece and spend a gap years for several(s) reasons. First, Greece is a beautiful and a hot country. The official language sounds great and I want to learn it. I’d love visiting some tourist places like the Acropolis in Athens, the ancient theater of Dionysus or the Pnyx. These places are full of stories. I want to spend a gap year in Greece because there are some festivals like the colour day festival or the traditional Greek festival. There are also the Greek dishes which interest me a lot because I’m a great fan of countries’s traditional foods. Greece is also a country of tourism, a lot of people want to spend their holidays in this country, it’s why this country is very popular and it’s why I want to spend a year in this fabulous country. The Greek people seems to be very nice with the others. This is all the reasons of why I want to spend a gap year in Greece.

    By Thomas Leroy FR



    My favourite country is definitely Greece. I've decided to visit Greece and spend a gap year for several reasons. First : The weather is beautiful in Greece, in Le Havre, the weather is often rainy and quite cold.. Second : I absolutely love the mythology, the Minautorus, Ulysse's legendary trip.. All these stories in my head make my imagination bigger.

    Third : since my childhood, I have always wanted to go to Greece in order to see the Acropolis. It's a very important building and I find it very beautiful. Fourth ; The beach! In Le Havre, the beach is polluted, the weather is cold. It's absolutely disgusting.. Moreover, the sea in Le Havre (The Channel) is very very cold, it's a good way to be sick. The beach in Greece looks hot, with a bright blue color, transparent.. It's a dream.. That's why I would like to visit this country.

    By Charles Féray FR



    Dear Greek fans,I have also decided to visit Greece and spend a gap year there for several reasons. Firstly, it is because  the  Greek lightness of life.  Most people despite all the difficulties don’t stop  smiling , and every stranger is greeted with sincere kindness. The Greeks expand their positive energy on other people, which is rare in other countries. They can enjoy the small things and celebrate every day.
    The second reason are monuments. I love art and everything connected with it, and Greece offers that at the highest possible level. Amphitheatres and ancient buildings attract tourists from all over the world and thanks to our project I better understand why.
    But what intrigues me the most is the Greek cuisine. Always fresh fruits and vegetables, which are different in taste and size from those ones in Poland. Also fresh fish and seafood, traditionally made cakes and jams, smelling herbs… I can’t wait to try them all!

    by Ania Makowiec

    The country I would really like to visit for my gap year is Greece.
    There are plenty of reasons that have turned my opinion in that way. The major motive for me is getting a chance to discover thier fantastic history and beautiful, and very interesting places, that I just have to visit, like Athens, Sparta and Tebs.
    I really like the architecture of ancient Greek buildings and of course thier history.
    I just love history, but most of all I am into Greek mithology , so that's the perfect place where can I learn more about it. But as I said before, these three towns I must visit aren't coincident, because I really like thier history. I don't know is it from films "300" or my history lessons, but I think that Greek and Polish people have something in common, at least in our will of fight for freedom to last stand.
    Moreover, I’d love to learn more about Greek culture, traditions and everyday life of Greek people, so I can see what are the diffirences between our cultures :P
    And last but not least, Greece is a hot country and it is just a perfect place to take a rest from normal life and experience different climate and culture.
    Summarizing, for me  Greece is a perfect destination for a gap year.

    by Artur Bajorek




    I have decided to visit Greece and spend a gap year for many reasons. The first reason is that in Greece the weather is usually warm and sunny. The official language sounds beautiful and I want to learn it too because it’s one of the oldest language in the world. I want to see the capital city of Greece, Athens. This city is full of history and in the past it was one of the most important cities on the Mediterranean Sea. In Athens there are some ancient temples, the Acropolis on the Philopappos hill. In Athens you can visit old theaters, the most famous is the Dionysus Theatre. I would like to see all the monuments of the mythology world like the Olympus. I would like to travel to Crete because its one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea. I will visit Crete next year so I want do know more about this part of Greece.   

    Fabio Schöler, Germany                                   




    I am a Greek fan too! I would like to spend a gap year in Greece. The reason why I choose Greece is that I visited Greece for two weeks in the past. Unfortunately I can´t remember much of Greece cause I was so young. I want to see Athens and the sights of Greece again to know how beautiful Greece is. I also want to learn the language Greek. Greek is a fantastic language as I heard from other people who already learned Greek a little bit.

    It is great to see the country where the European culture started. I hope I can spend a gap year in Greece and successfully complete a practical work to learn much more about the people and the country.

    Tim Poschner, Germany







    Hi everyone! The reasons why I would like to visit Greece for a gap year are that I already visited Greece for a week in 2012 and in my opinion it’s a very beautiful country with wonderful landmarks. I especially liked the Acropolis because I found it impressing to see such a big and old building made from hand by your ancestors. Also, I think the language is interesting because you use different letters and we don’t have any possibilities to learn your language in school. And I want to learn more about your culture with your mythology and all your old stories from your gods and goddesses, I especially like Aphrodite and Athena because they two stand for very important things. And I want to visit as many of your beautiful islands as possible!


    I hope, one day, I can spend a gap year in Greece, to learn everything about your country.

    Leah Faßbender, Germany


    I would like to spend a gap year in Greece and one reason why I choose Greece is that I was there 7 years ago and I saw the Parthenon temple which was fascinating.  Another reason is that like Charles,I want to learn something about the Greek mythology because it is really exciting. The main reason why I want to visit Greece is that I would like to learn the language because its sounds really nice but its difficult to learn it. I´d love to visit Athens again because it’s the biggest city of Greece and there are so many different sights. I hope that I can get a practical training in Greece to learn how the people work and live there. And another thing if I visit Greece is that I want to go surfing on the beach.

    Leo Noll, Germany

    My choice for a gap year is the country Greece, because I always wanted to find out more about the Greek culture and all the traditions that they have. I also want to visit all the sights. Greece is a very interesting country to me and I would love to learn more about it. I also want to learn the language. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it has to be understandable by the native Greek people. I also would like to take a daily sunbath and at the end of the gap year to go home and have that beautiful suntan.

    Cristina Butureanu, Germany

    Hello Greek fans. I share similar thoughts with you.Greece is the country I would like to visit the most because of various reasons. First of all I’m really interested in the culture and the history. I would love to visit the capital Athens including the Acropolis, the new Acropolis Museum, the National Garden and the Ancient Theatre of Dionysus. Greek is one of the oldest languages which really fascinates me and I would love to learn it. The weather is so beautiful; there are about 300 sunny days in a year, which is almost twice as much as in Germany.

    I already visited the Greek island Crete and really enjoyed the stay because the Greeks are so hospitable and friendly also the food is very delicious and I love to try out new meals.

    If I get the opportunity to travel again to Greece, I will go to Mykonos because of the nice beaches, the beautiful whitewashed houses and the 800 churches

    Alina Verch, Germany



    My choice for a gap year is Greece. First of all, I want to sightsee some places in this country, especially  in Athens - the Acropolis, Sounio,  the Ancient Theatre of Dionysus. These beautiful sites make   big impression  on me   and when I admire photos, I feel as if I was back in time. I want to know  the history of Greece. It's the cradle of the European civilisation, there are lots of historical places worth seeing.  There are lots of museums in Greece, which could help me in learning Greek history. I dream about better experiencing of Greek culture. I want to take part in a Carnival, because  walking in colorful costumes on the streets is great fun. Greece is well-known from ancient dramma plays, so I'd really love to see them, during the Athens Festival. I'd like to know Greek people, their sumptuous tradition and taste delicious traditional dishes like  Horiatiki – Χωριάτικη, Mousaka – Μουσακάς and Tiropitakia – Τυροπιτάκια. I hope, I will visit Greece soon and do all these things.

    Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania greeceZnalezione obrazy dla zapytania horiatiki

    Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania tiropitakiaZnalezione obrazy dla zapytania carnival greece Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania akropol

    Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania sounioZnalezione obrazy dla zapytania greece napisZnalezione obrazy dla zapytania sounio

    by  Justyna Pasterska


    Like everybody on this page, there are several reasons why I have chosen Greece to spend my gap year. Firstly, I’m interested in Greek mythology. I want visit or see places related to ancient times- beautiful Parthenon Temple, mighty Mount Olimp or Lindos with antique ruins of Atena Temple. Generally for me, the Greek architecture is amazing and it’s nice to look at it. Next motive is of course food. Greek cuisine is known and very popular all over the world. I have only aten Greek salad and tzatziki sauce so far,  so I’m really curious of the taste of traditional dishes. I also want take part in cultural events like Colour Day Festival and the  Carnival. Students from Greece encouraged me throughout their e-books. That will be very memorable event. Moreover Greek climate appeals to my preference. I would like to swim in one of the seas and sunbath on the beach. In Poland the weather is unstable, so we only sometimes have  as beautiful weather as there is always  in Greece. In my opinion,  this is one of the most interesting countries  and in the future I must visit it.


    by Kacper Karp

     Wow! You have done a wonderful work guys!! You could not give a better description of Greece. We thank you all and waiting for you to come to our country and make your dreams true.  By Anna from Greece