The World Is Our Oyster

Tell us about your town, your region, your country. What are the places worth visiting, what is happening during the year : festivals, concerts, plays, sporting events. Try to convince people to come to your country.

Module 7: Gap Year Decision

Dear participants from France, Germany, Poland, Greece,

It's decision making time.                  


We had a long online journey, trying to explore and exchange various aspects of our countries' culture, civilization, traditions, lifestyles. By now, you must have a clear idea of what country you would like to visit and spend a gap year.

                          GAP YEAR. What is it?

{GAP YEAR:a ​year between ​leaving ​school and ​starting ​university that is usually ​spent ​travelling or ​working, by Cambridge online dictionary}

Go through these web pages to find more about the benefits of Erasmus Exchanges or Taking a Gap year

Your task:

Go through all the modules we have worked on throughout the school year, select information and write texts about the country of your preference by justifying your choice.

Key language you may need:

The reasons why I have decided to visit x are..

 I have decided to visit x and spend a gap year for several reasons. First..

My choice for a gap year is...

My country of preference is...

I'd love to visit....

Apart from texts, you can create photocollages, videos or whatever material you find suitable.

As you can see, 4 subpages have been created: 1.The French fan club 2.The German fan club 3. The Polish fan club 4. The Greek fan club. So depending on your preference country, you will form 4 fan groups.

Tip: Once you join the page, try to interact with the other country fans. Stick to their entries, add comments, agree and expand their writings. Key language you can use: I totally agree../I share similar thoughts../I'd like to add../I was also impressed by../..definitely a good reason to visit x..

In case you need extra info about a country, don't hesitate to communicate with your partners via your profiles , twinmail or even arrange chat meetings.

Looking forward to your work!!