The World Is Our Oyster

Tell us about your town, your region, your country. What are the places worth visiting, what is happening during the year : festivals, concerts, plays, sporting events. Try to convince people to come to your country.

Our leaflets

Dear participants,

You have done a great job on your pages. The places you recommend visiting in your hometowns are fascinating! Anyone could be attracted to travel to your cities and visit them. You did accomplish your mission as tour operators.Now, what about creating real leaflets? Just collect photos and extracts from you writings, choose a three or four folded travel brochure template and give it a try! Bear in mind, that you can always print your leaflets and distribute them to promote and advertise your city's sight seeings.


                                                  The Greek leaflet

The leaflet was created by the Greek students: Babis Petrakos and Katerina Raftopoulou (logo)



The  Polish leaflet 

The leaflet was created by the Polish students: Aleksandra Mazurek and Klaudia Zielińska ( logo)



                                                       The French leaflet

        The French leaflet was created by Antoine Chéron and Luciana Ispravnic





 The German Leaflet 



Our leaflets printed! Congratulations French, German, Polish, Greek students