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    • Travelling and gaining experience is something that has a vast importance to me. My dream is to visit all countries of Europe. So, let’s say that I start from Germany. The reasons for my choice are: I admire the well-organised German way, their efficiency and their economic progress. I would like to get involved with German people, learn more about their history, values, traditions and customs. I would visit all major cities and the countryside villages. Having seen pictures of Hamburg, I think this is a city I would definitely visit for its rivers, canals, architecture and museums. Besides, a ‘must-see’ sightseeing for me would be Cologne for its famous Gothic Cathedral, the Hohenzollernbrücke bridge, the theatres, the trade fairs and the museums. Of course, I would like to visit Gummersbach, climb up an old tower and enjoy the view. Who knows, I might meet my etwinning partners there!

                By Stefania, GR


    • Amongst all the countries and lands I had for a choice, the one to be the most appealing to me is GERMANY. Not only, due to its reputation over sausages and the famous football team of Munich but also due to its historical and cultural past and present. Because of many dark pages of history during the past century, which I feel uncomfortable to account, German ideas, culture and philosophy are not known to many people in the world. I wouldn’t really blame them for having feelings against Germans. After all, most of the modern German history is engulfed in mystery and secrets. World War 1, World War 2, the Berlin Wall are all incidents that have kept us away from the German touch for quite a while, only leaving behind ideologies remnant of the Kaiser’s Germany, Hitler’s Germany and the Allies or the Soviet Germany. Yet, this should not hold us from truly understanding them. Living in the shadows of the past creates misunderstandings, which then turn into hatred and more trouble’s brewing. Going to Germany is not only a matter of sightseeing for me, but also of discovery, for mysteries should always come to surface, for knowledge cannot be misunderstood or feared.

                                                                                                                                          by Ramon, GR


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                                                                                             By Maria, GR 



    • I have decided to visit Germany and spend a gap year for several reasons. I would like to visit the major cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart but I am especially interested in Munich where the world's largest Oktoberfest is held for 2 weeks. Tasting the famous Bavarian beers, the wide variety of traditional food and going around the funfairs among thousands of people would be amazing!! Experiencing real life situations is a way to get insight to people’s culture and way of thinking and I’d like to get to know the German way. Looking forward to it!

              By Irene GR



    • I want to spend my Gap Year in Germany because I've always wanted to go there and this project really revived my dream. I speak German so I'll have the chance to practise it and communicate with people. Moreover, I want to visit the major sightseeings,palaces, Gothic churches and museums. I would  certainly visit Gummersbach and Cologne because now I feel more familiar with them. Also,I want to see my favourite band , Tokio Hotel. It is my dream to visit the field of Bayern München because I like football . Lastly, I'd love to stay in a traditional village. I have heard the best about them.

    ​                                                                                                                                                                    by Areti, GR

                                 Photo collage by Areti, GR



    Germany is a country with a rich country and that will help me to develop my knowledges, my autonomy and learn their language.

    With this gap year, I could travel and discover this country during 365 days.

    In fact, this country has a great history, sometimes unhappy about the two world wars or with the USSR and when the nation was seperated in two parts : the FRG (the Federal Republic of Germany) and the GDR (the Germany Democratic Republic).

    I will start to visit the east side and I will continue to the west and the south.

    I'd love visiting Berlin, Germany's largest and most visited city. I am very curious to see the Berlin wall, I could see the Brandeburg Gate too.

    After that, I will continue my trip to the west and I will go to Hannover, to the Steinhude Lake to practise kite surfing,

    Köln with its beautiful cathedral and Düsseldorf on the top of the Rheinturm which is 240.5 meters high (but 100 meters less than the Eiffel Tower ;))


    If I have time, I will take a track to the south side of Germany to Frankfurt, the financial centre of Europe and its big international airport and Stuttgart for the Mercedes Benz Museum.

    I will finish my trip with München, in the south, to see a soccer match with the FC Bayern München in the fantastic Allianz Stadium.

    I really like Germany's way of life and I think it is definetely a good reason to visit this country.

    It is decided, I will spend a gap year in Germany !

    Hugo FR

    I totally agree with what Hugo said about Germany. This country is so great. One year is not enough to visit all the monuments, and all the places to see. I would like to add that a gap year in this country could be the best experience of my life. This country is so amazing, I have discovered a lot of things that I could not imagine about Germany.

    Antoine, FR

    I totally agree with Hugo, because Germany is a beautiful country. There are many cities and important monuments i would like to visit. I share similar thoughts with Hugo and Antoine about the culture and the traditions and the festivals.

    i would like to add German people seem to be very nice. I was also impressed by their fantastic cities and their culture.

    Ninon, FR



    The reasons why I have decided to visit Germany are the customs, the traditions which are different from ours. In Germany, there are many festivals and cultural events. There are many places that I would like to see, for example the Berlin Wall, the Reichstag building or the Köln Cathedral. I would like to visit the major cities like Berlin, München or Köln. I would also like to taste traditional food.

    Ninon FR


    I have decided to visit Germany because there are many activities to do. For example, if you like thrills, you can have fun in Europa Park ! It is one of the biggest amusement parks of Europe. Germany is a cultural place too. For example, if you like history you can go to Berlin to see the Wall.


    I have decided to visit Germany and spend a gap year for several reasons. First of all, I would like to improve my German language skills and know the German culture more deeply. Then, I would like to know every details of the German history, that could help me for my future studies. Finally, there are so many monuments to visit before you die ! For example, I would like to see the Brandeburg Gate which is the symbol of the reunified Germany or the gothic cathedral in Köln.

    Antoine FR



    by Natalia PL

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     ​I have decided to visit Germany and spend a gap year there for several reasons. Firstly, I share Ramon's opinion, that German history is very interesting. I know,that German's historical evants had a big effect on my country. I want to know more facts about their situation after Otton's times.

    The second reason, why I want to go to Germany, is the fact, that I was there for one week in March within Erasmus+ students exchange programm and I met a few great people. I want to come back for a bit longer time.

    I love German's sweets. Gumibars, chockolates - are dainty.

    Next reason why I'd like to spent a gap year in Germany are many beautyful places. I like gothic archoitecture. Mostly i want to see Berlin and Frankfurt. I wish, I could seeold Kiel's or Dresden's buldings. In 1944 and 1945 British Royal Air Forces were bombarding these cities. In Kiel there was shipyard, but bombs (incendiary, demolition and chemical) destroyed residential areas , the old town and industrial districts (more than 80%). The port was destroyed only in 1945. In Dresden bombardments killed about 25.000 civilians and destroyed a big part of city. That's terrible, that this patr of II World War is unknown. No many people know that aliants were as cruel as the Nasis. How could have they bombarded thousants of innocent people? There weren't military targets but only residential areas...That's terrible.

    The last reason, why I am choosing  Germany, is the fact, that I speak German (like Areti). I have been learning this language

    By Krzysztof (PL)


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    By Ola, PL