Module 1:What does 'The world is one's oyster' mean to you?

  •         Dear participants from France, Germany, Greece and Poland

            Welcome to the project "The World is Our Oyster"!

            Let's start our online collaboration by providing some insight to the title of our project.

            Did you know that the phrase"The world is your oyster" is a quote from William Shakespeare's                                  play:The Merry Wives of Windsor

                              Have a look at this dialogue:             

                             Falstaff: I will not lend thee a penny.                                                                                                                      Pistol: Why then the world's mine oyster, Which I with sword will open.                                                                    Falstaff: Not a penny.

    Pistol does not seem to mind if Falstaff lends him the money because he is young and strong and he can always go out into the world (oyster), use his skills (sword) and find his own treasure (pearl).We use this proverb today with more or less the same meaning. Look at the following dictionary entry. (drawn from Wictionary)

    Proverb:  the world is one's oyster:  1. All opportunities are open to someone, the world is theirs. 2. In order to achieve something in this world, one has to grab the opportunity.

    Synonym expressions: carpe diem, seize the day,  take the bull by the horns

    Watch this BBC Learning English video to take a clearer idea of the origin and the meaning of the title then and now!


                      Your Task: Get to know each other

       Go to the Forum (upper bar) and introduce yourselves (name, age, country, interests..) and tell us what "The world is your oyster' means to you. Talk about your dreams, ambitions, future plans and how determined you are to pursue your goals and say 'The World is My Oyster'!


                                                                            Have a good start!!