The World Is Our Oyster

Tell us about your town, your region, your country. What are the places worth visiting, what is happening during the year : festivals, concerts, plays, sporting events. Try to convince people to come to your country.

Vote for 2 top places in each country

 Dear participants,

 Your work on writing about the 10 top places worth visiting in your hometowns is great!

 Now, it's contest time. Go to your partners' pages, study the sight seeings they have recommended                              and vote for 2 places in each country that you got really impressed and would definitely like to visit.                            NOTE:Do not vote for your country. Even though you just vote for 2 places, you are requested to provide as many comments as possible on your partners' contributions. Your votes must be visible, so do not forget to write your names when you vote.

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                                                                        Voting results


1. Tatra Mountains and Zakapone (21 votes)

2. Krakow, the city you cannot miss and forget (20 votes)


1. Sounio, a legendary place. (19 votes)

2. The Ancient Theatre of Dionysus. (14 votes)


1. Le Stade Oceane. (18 votes)

2. Les Bains des Docks (11 votes) and La Cathedrale Saint Joseph (11 votes)


1. The Cologne Cathedrale (15 votes)

2. Phantasialand (9 votes)

Congratulations on carrying out the voting procedure perfectly well and on your comments about your partners' entries.

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