The World Is Our Oyster

Tell us about your town, your region, your country. What are the places worth visiting, what is happening during the year : festivals, concerts, plays, sporting events. Try to convince people to come to your country.

Module 4: Amazing personalities

Dear students from France, Greece, Germany and Poland 

You have already guided us through the magnificent places of your towns and countries. Now it's high time for the next challenge.

 You are journalists, present in your articles  5 amazing personalities of your nationality from five different fields: science, culture, sports, politics, journalism.

Task 1.  Brainstorming, decide about one/two people from any category you want to  present - choose only individuals who are alive, preferably young adults whose course of life sets an example.

Out of those five personalities, choose one and find out as much as you can about him / her, then  write an article about the person attaching interesting photo/ photos.  Place your material on an emaze platform ( )

- Each country will embed its emaze presentation on the same page.

Hints how to write an article  are here !!!   

Task 2.  After reading your partners’articles about the presented personalities,  prepare 2 interview questions you would ask  each person.  ( Don't hesitate to ask controversial questions and bear in mind you won't prepare enquiries to personalities of your nationality).  You can write your questions below the presentations or optionally you can use Voki tool (  to record your questions and  embed your recordings on  the module 4 page.


Good luck!


Author: Monika Kowalska - Orlewska
Last editor: Arielle FREMIN