The World Is Our Oyster

Tell us about your town, your region, your country. What are the places worth visiting, what is happening during the year : festivals, concerts, plays, sporting events. Try to convince people to come to your country.

Project Dissemination


           Here, you can have a look at the presentation of our project



The presentation took place at an end-of term school event on 10th of May 2016 and was attended by all students and teachers of the 27th General Lyceum of Athens . The Prezi presentation was created by the Greek students, Babis Petrakos and Maria Lavranou in collaboration with the Etwinning class who helped select the material of the 4 countries work, published in Twinspace throughout this project. 

Tips for viewing: Click on Start Prezi and then click on the arrows at the bottom of the page. Enjoy the viewing in FULL SCREEN! Be a little patient with loading.

                                                               Presentation snapshots


The French students after the presentation of the project,Le Havre, May 2016

                        The Polish Presentation


Polish e-Twinners after the presentation of the project - Biecz, Poland.