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    • The country of my preference is France, and I'd like to spend a gap year there for several reasons, such as getting involved with people, learning their history, finding similarities and  differences with my country, experiencing their lifestyles and  attitudes. Apart from all these, the reason that made me make this decision was its sights. It's known that France is one of the countries with the most appealing attractions in Europe, and hundreds of tourists spend their holidays there, only to see them from up close. Who wouldn’t like to visit Paris, one of the most romantic cities in the world with the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Notre Dame ? Who wouldn’t like to visit Bordeaux with its famous wines, Nice for its French Rivera, Lyon, Provence, Le Havre (definitely) and so many more fabulous cities. One day, I hope I visit them with my friends as it's been my dream for many years and especially now that I have learned more information about it and have collaborated with French students.          

                                  By Selena, GR



    • Since the pictures sometimes are louder than words I created this ebook to show you the reasons I have decided to spend a gap year in France.  by Babis GR

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                                                                         The reasons why I want to spend a gap year in France.


    • I'd love to visit France because I really like the French lifestyle, the French Language, the French culture. I want to visit Paris and go sightseeing. I'd really enjoy visiting the Eiffel Tower (of course!), Montmartre and the Louvre Museum. Also, I want to go to Le Havre since I'd love to visit La Maison de l'Armateur, Les Jardins Suspendus, the Eglise St-Joseph. Having the opportunity to attend the Festival Mosaique with the ethnic bands inside the Jardins Duespendus or the numerous Music and Cinema festivals sounds really appealing to me. I would like to know more about the way French people spend their free time, their art, their language and even their music and ways of entertainment. In my opinion, France is a country with a remarkable history and civilization which I'm really interested in.On the whole, I have made the decision to spend my gap year in France  and travel all over the country in order to learn more about their customs, traditions and way of living.

               By Anna, GR


    • I have decided to visit FRANCE and spend a gap year for several reasons.

          1) I want to see the famous sights such as the Eiffel Tower and museums such as the Museum of Louvre.

           2) I want to taste the delicious FRENCH   dishes.

           3) I want to visit all major cities like Paris, Le Havre, Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Strasbourg but also the castles in the countryside.

           4) I‘d like to improve my French and get to know the French culture and lifestyles.

            Especially the most important reasons I want to visit FRANCE are :

          I really want to meet the 3 of the most famous athletes of recent years.

          i)  Zinedine Zidane because I want to ask him for his training plans.

          ii) Tony Parker because I want to ask him why he always chooses number 9.

         iii) Renaud Lavillenie because I want to ask him if he has in his mind to break one more record at the Rio summer Olympics.

           by Nikos, GR

                                              Photo collage by Nikos and Christo, GR


    • The reason why I want to visit France for a gap year is because I would like to visit lot of sights in Paris, Lyon, Le Havre,Nice, see the night life, experience the French lifestyle and maybe meet some new people. I think that my top reason to visit France is because I really love cooking and I would like to taste some of their local foods. France is famous for its cuisine so here are 4 dishes I would like to taste and maybe learn to cook.
    1. Tartiflette:It is consisted of potatoes and melted cheese and it is a traditional meal in the Alps.
    2. Moules:Mussels are a common seafood served in France. Most often cooked in garlic, the mussels take on a spicy flavor; paired with French fries in most restaurants, this dish is a favorite of French cuisine in many countries of Europe.
    3. Cassoulet:A traditional southwestern bean recipe, cassoulet is a perfect winter meal. It has lots of meat in it, but the meat is cut up into the bean dish and simmered.
    4. Coq au Vin:A rooster roasted in red wine, butter, brandy, bacon, onions and garlic is a delicious French treat. 

    ​                                             By Christos, GR



    •  I would visit France for a gap year for many reasons. First, I would like to visit the sight seeings, taste the French dishes and go to the stadium and watch some of the famous French teams playing. Secondly, I love the festivals of this country. A lot of events take place every year and people of different nationalities have the chance to show their culture to other people like for example the Mosaique Festival in Le Havre. Thirdly, French people love outdoor activities and sports and it would be wonderful to join them.Lastly, there are wonderful museums and galleries in France, which I would like to visit as well as churches, historical buildings and castles.      

    ​                                                                                                                                     By Spyros F, GR




    My country of preference is France. Once I was there for one day, strictly speaking in Paris, where I visited a museum and did crossed the river to see the Eifel Tower. Of course I bought a souvenir of the Eifel Tower and to remind myself on the best day of my life. It was really interesting to see the capital city of France and the city of Love. Also I would like to see other parts of the country like Le Havre. At first I would like to see “Bains the Dock” and would swim in there, because it looks really modern and inviting. And of course I would like to visit the Notre Dame because I’ve never been in there and I imagine how interesting it would be to see a wonderful cathedral like this, especially at night, when it’s illuminated in wonderful lights.  Also I would like to learn more about the language and the culture. Especially I would see and visit the many festivals like the “Deauville American Film Festival” because I like watching films and the “Leo Metal Fest” because I’m a fan of all kinds of metal music. And about studying there: It would be really interesting to see how the school system in France is and what you can study or work there.

    And I would like to live in an apartment near the river in Le Havre, because I like seeing the wonderful river in the evening. Also I could learn more of the language, because I can speak French. I did have the subject for four years in my secondary school, so it would be interesting to see if the French people and students understood what I say and maybe they can also show me more about the tradition and culture there. I’ve never eaten snails for example and never seen the family traditions at Christmas in France. So I would like to know how the traditions are and if snails are tasty for me.

    In the future I would like to work in a court  on interesting cases. If I can work in France maybe I could deal with international cases and write letters in French to the lawyers or witnesses, who get invited to the court. I know that it’s possible to go to  a vocational college in France and to make a traineeship after you finished the vocational college there. Also the traineeship is split in three different traineeships: The traineeship for the lawyer, prosecutor and the judge. I would be interested in the traineeship for becoming a lawyer. Then you  have to do 12 months in a course at the Centre de Formation Permanente Professionnelle des Barreaux du ressort de la Court d'Appell - C.F.P.P. it’s a special centre where you  work for 3 months with a lawyer and 6 weeks in a court. So in fact it would be nice to learn something about the justice in France and what kind of justice system they have.


    By Veronika from Germany


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    By Miłosz PL


    My Gap Year in France

    The reasons why I have decided to spend a gap year in France are the great major cities like Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux or Strasbourg. I would like to see all the famous sights like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Notre-Dame Cathedral or the Parc des Princes football field. Maybe another reason for my gap year in France is the typical lifestyle (savoir vivre) there like the sports (football, rugby etc.) Another factor for my gap year in France is that I want to improve my French.

    Paris is my favorite city in France so maybe I try to get an internship for some months there like in a restaurant or in a museum to learn more about the language and the people.

    I hope that I can get new experiences about the language and the culture.

    By Eric Schneider, Germany


    I have decided to visit France and spend a gap year for several reasons. First I want to learn more about the French culture and its history. That´s why I would like to visit Paris - for it`s beautiful architecture . Paris is one of my favorite cities because I´ve heard so much about the city. For me it sounds like a beautiful place to chill or to clear one´s mind. And of course I would like to study there. As you can see from my etwinning profile I had said that I would like to go to university, so why not in France ? I want to study art. Besides I love French music. I like the music by Booba and Stromae. I hope that one day I will get the chance to visit a Booba concert. But the most important point for me is to improve my French. I have a basic knowledge in French and I would like expand it.


    By Selim from Germany



    I'd like to visit France because I'm madly in love with Paris and "Paris is always good idea." 
    This city of love offers a lot! I'd love to see the famous Eiffel Tower rand admire views from it at every time of a day. 
    I'm not going to forget about visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral and letting it remind me of Quasimodo. This exceptional and well-known church had been being built for almost 200 years before it was completed and there's no doubt it was worth it! 
    I'd like to stand on the highest mountain in Europe - Mount Blanc, stop the  time, feel free and feel that everything is possible.
    Mt. Saint Michel is definitely worth seeing. It was built on small island and it's a special attraction of northern France. It's amazing how the way of getting there is changing because ofthe sea. The curious thing is that  this place has never been looted, even during the Hundred Years' War with England!
    Dark and romantic Castles of Loire Valley are attractive because of architecture, climate which would let me feel like the Princess! I'd like to admire gardens and fields of sunflowers while riding a bike.

    After an amazing day I'd love to taste delicious Frech wine!

    by Justyna Đ, PL


    I’ve chosen France for a gap year and I’d like to spend some time there for some reasons. First of all,  I haven’t heard  a person  speaking French live and I think it would be cool to experience it and learn some phrases with the same accent as the   native French do. I think it wouldn’t be so difficult to do it because French sounds kind of ‘soft’ and it has  a specific pronunciation. I’m also into sightseeing places like Mont Saint Michel or majestic buildings like the Cathedral Notre Dame, the  Arch of Triumph .  Walking along corridors in Catacombs of Paris, which in my opinion are the great symbol of history,  would also,be exciting . Finally, the last place which attracts me to France is Lascaux cave which is unfortunately closed but there’s an opportunity to see the  replica of this cave, it could show me how our pre -ancestors were living thousands years ago. Surley,  I wouldn’t  miss the chance to sightsee all of those magic places.

    By Artur Ryba aka Fish Stick, Poland

    By Klaudia Zielińska, Poland