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    • The country of my preference is Poland. I got impressed by the attractions and the art of Poland. Two of the most beautiful sights are Wawel Castle and Malbork Castle. I'd like to learn more for the architecture of these buildings and their history. Also, I want to visit Biecz, which is often referred to as "little Kraków" or the "pearl of the Carpathians" , the Corpus Christi Collegiate Church,  the House with the Tower , the Franciscan Monastery and certainly the neighbor region of Krakow and Krakow itself.  Then, I would follow the Wooden Architecture Route, which spreads on the whole Lesser Poland region ending in highlands and the Polish winter capital -  Zakopane. I would not miss for the world visiting the Tatra mountains -so impressive and mysterious!! Last but not least, I'd love to learn the language and learn other things about the civilization of the country.♥

           By Christina, GR

    I share similar thoughts on the art in Poland, I was also impressed by the House with the Tower.

    Adrien, FR

    I totally agree because the architecture of Poland is beautiful. I love Polish civilization and language. i was also impressed by the attractions and art.

    Kriston, FR

    I share similar thoughts on the beautiful sights.

    Maxime, FR

    I totally agree with Christina's description of Poland.This country is really interesting. I like the culture, the traditions and the architecture is beautiful.


    I totally agree, the attractions and Polish art are impressive. I share similar thoughts with Christina, I would like to visit Poland, it is a very interesting country with a rich history.

    Rose, FR

    • I would like to visit Poland as I know that it is a very interesting country with a rich history, culture and traditional architecture. I would like to visit all the country, get to know the Polish way of living and get involved with the people. Another reason is that I want to try its cuisine. Polish cuisine has developed over the centuries to become very eclectic due to Poland's history. Generally speaking, Polish cuisine is hearty and uses a lot of cream and eggs. So I want to taste some Polish specialties like chłodnik [ˈxwɔdɲik] (a chilled beet or fruit soup for hot days), golonka (pork knuckles cooked with vegetables), kołduny (meat dumplings), zrazy (stuffed slices of beef), salceson and flaki (tripe).I'm sure that I'll love it.

              By Ifigeneia, GR

    I totally agree, Poland has a rich history, I share similar thoughts on the cuisine which looks very good.

    Adrien, FR

    photo collage by Christina

    • Poland is the country I would like to visit the most because it is the country we know the least. I would love to visit the major cities like Warsaw, Krakow but also the countryside with the fabulous green landscapes. I’d love to learn more about the Polish traditions, customs and history. I could learn how Poland survived from the Nazi invasion, the Soviet Union occupation, the concentration camps, the executions, the exiles and the martial Law. Polish people have suffered a lot throughout their history but now Poland is a strong European country that is definitely worth visiting.

        by Syleia, GR

    I totally agree with you Syleia, The architecture of these buildings, their history and the colours are beautiful.

    Lisa, FR

    I could add cooking looks very tasty ! I would like to visit all the country.

    Stency, FR


    •     Click here to see the reasons why I have decided to visit Poland and spend a gap year.

                By Katerina ,GR                          CLICK BELOW

                                                                    The reasons why I have decided to visit Poland.               


    •     View this video to find out the reasons I chose Poland to spend a gap year.

                 By Miranda, Gr



    Festivals are fefinitely a good reason to visit Poland.

    Baptiste, FR

    •  I once met a girl whose origin is from Poland. I was impressed by how much she loved all kinds of flowers. She told me that Polish people are really fond of flowers and that you can see poppies, pansies, roses everywhere in villages and cities. I would love to visit these Polish cities and villages and admire the flower decorations. Besides, I’d love to get involved with people because I think they are friendly, sensitive and faithful to their family, country, religion, traditions. I would also visit these wonderful places the Polish students sent us in Twinspace , taste their cuisine, learn more about their traditions and history and who knows I might be able to learn a little Polish.

            By Alexandra ,GR

                       Summer flowers in Warsaw.


    I have decided to visit Poland and spend a gap year there for several reasons. First, it is a new country for me, I have never travelled in Western Europe, and especially in Poland. Then, I want to discover this new culture and new activities and language. I'd love visiting Warsaw and Krakow with its great market place, one of the biggest in Europe. I want to visit Auschwitz which must be very moving. Finally, Poland must be a good country for adventure. In the south, there are mountains where we can do trekking, skiing and kayak. Nature is very important in Poland, there are wild animals like buffalos, wolves, beavers and many others.

    Kriton FR


    I have decided to visit Poland and spend a gap year there for several reasons. First, because I want to learn their language but also their culture. I am invoved in sports, and they love sport too. 

    My city of reference is Wroclaw. The architecture is amazing, there are also museums to visit  and a park for running. I would like to see Awwangarda Galeria, Galeria Miejska, WRO Art Center, the Museum of Architecture, the Museum of Post and Telecommunications, the Grand Theater, the Ghetto and the Cemetary, the Cathedral and many more !

    I'd like to add a video about Poland history :

    Rose FR