Module 8: Project Evaluation- Farewell

  • Dear participants from Greece, France, Germany, Poland

    It's evaluation time!

    Our project has come to an end, so what about telling us what is your overall impression about it? Fill in this evaluation questionnaire and let us know!



                          PROJECT EVALUATION RESULTS

                You can see the students' responses here.


    Dear students,

    As you remember, we started our project with the question: What does "The world is our oyster" mean to you? You were asked to introduce yourselves and talk about your future plans and dreams. Now, after one school year's online journey, you have certainly become wiser as regards cultural aspects of your partners' countries. What about finishing our project with the same question? Contribute to the following Answergarden and let us know how much you have enhanced your vocabulary combining the title with your etwinning experience.



                     Farewell. On the padlet below, Double click to say goodbye to your partners