b) Interview questions

  • Dear partners from France, Germany, Poland and Greece,

    You have done great work on selecting, writing biographical texts and presenting amazing personalities of your countries!

    Now, it's interview time.

    What if you had the opportunity to meet these people in real life? What questions would you ask them? Read the biographical texts carefully, assume the role of  a reporter interviewer, use your imagination and go ahead. Each country will have to prepare 2 questions for each of the amazing personalities of your partner countries. Pupil administrators, write the questions below the names.As an optional task, you can use the interview questions and create vokis at the bottom of the page.

               Amazing Greek people

     Constandinos Daskalakis. The Greek scientist who solved the Nash Equilibrium   

    What do you think of your nickname ? (Baptiste, France)

    Do you like being famous ? (Baptiste, France)

    How did you feel when you solved the riddle of Nash's theory of Games and how long did it take you to solve it? (Artur B, Pl)

    How do you feel about your call of "the modern Einstein"? (Ola, Pl)

     George Avgeropoulos. The Greek hero of journalism

    What is your favorite investigation ? (Thibault, France)

    Why did you become a war correspondant ? (Thibault, France)

    How did you feel on your first trip to a place which suffered a catastrophy? ( Klaudia, Pl)

    Were you scared when you were working in countries which were experiencing wars? ( Natalia, Pl)

      Monika.  An alternative pop-folk wonder girl

    Why did you become a singer ? (Tom, France)

    Do you have many sisters and brothers ? (Tom, France)

    When were you on the stage for the first time and how did you feel then? (Artur B, Pl)

    How did you feel when you got the first instrument? (Ola, Pl)

      Dimitris Diamantidis. The Greek basketball legend

    Why don't you play in N.B.A ? (Julien, France)

    Do you know Nikos Aliagas ? (Julien, France)

    Which title is your  biggest accomplishment? ( Klaudia, Pl )

    What made you start training basketball? ( pl) 

     Eleni Antoniadou.The 27 year-old, researcher, activist, nanotechnologist, NASA scientist

    Are you married ? (Margaux, France)

    What are your hobbies ? (Margaux, France)

    Why do you want to help children from poor countries? (Justyna P, PL)

    You are very scholar person. Your live isn't boring. But... have you ever thought that you could be a normal woman with normal husband, children, in a small hause in the suburbs? (Krzysztof, PL)

    Amazing French People

    Tony Parker. The leader of the French National Basket-Ball Team.

    How did you feel when San Antonio SPURS picked you up at number 28 in NBA draft in 2001? (Christo, GR)

    Why are you often called TP? (Nikos, GR)

    Why did you choose Number Nine? (Alexandros, GR)

    Is there anything you had to sacrifice to become a basketball player? (Justyna, PL)

    How did you celebrate the news of being the best player and scorer of the year? (Justyna, PL)

    Thomas Pesquet. The youngest French astronaut.

    How does it feel knowing that you 'll be going to International Space Station? (Babis, Gr)

    What was your worst experience as a pilot? (Vaggelis, Gr)

    Weren't you scared on your firts flight?  Or was it the most exciting moment you were waiting for? ( Artur R, Pl)

    Was it difficult to learn so many languages? ( Piotr, Pl)

    Le Joueur du Grenier. The famous youtuber.

    What inspired you to become a youtuber? (katerina, GR)

    Do you believe that your sarcastic humour can be perceived by your fans or they sometimes get offended? (Miranda,GR)

    Do you still have the same fun from playing games as when you were a child? ( Miłosz, Pl)

    How many games have you played in your life? ( Miłosz, Pl)

    Omar Sy. One of the most popular French actor.

    As a child, did you ever dream of becoming an actor? (Areti, GR)

    How do you feel of being the first French black man who has received a Cesar Award for Best Actor? (Areti, GR)

    When did you enter the actor's peah and was the begining difficult? (Krzysztof, PL)

    Which moment on the stange do you remember most? What happened then? (Krzysztof, PL)

    Elise Lucet. The courageous journalist.

    What inspired you to become a journalist? (Irene, GR)

    Does your job interfere with your personal life? (Stefania, GR)

    Why did you give up your dreams about being a volcanologist? ( Artur R, Pl)

    How did you feel when the Minister of Culture honoured you with an award? ( Piotr, Pl)

    Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol. The youngest president of Normandy.

    It seems you have abandoned biology for politics. Which of the two, do your future plans include? (Spyros, GR)

    What do you like doing in your free time? (Christos, GR)

    Are you happy about your life decisions? Is there anything that you regret? ( Kacper, Pl)

    What are your plans for improving condition of Haute- Normandie region? ( Kacper, Pl)


    Amazing Polish people

    Robert Lewandowski - the rising star of football

    How did you feel that due to your transfer to Bayern, you played against the team (Dortmund) you got famous with? (Maria, GR)

    What are your future plans? Would you like to be a coach in the years to come? (Ifigeneia, GR)

    Aleksander Wolszczan - from childhood passion to big discoveries

    People say that you initiated a new age in exploring the universe.Do you agree? (Stefania,GR)

    What was the most important challenge you were invited to face in your research?(Stefania,GR)

    Martyna Wojciechowska - see the world with Martyna

    Is it true that your career started as a model? What urged you to become a journalist? (Katerina,GR)

    You have done amazing things in your life.How did you manage to cope with them all? (Miranda,GR)

    Krystian Zimmerman - fryderyk Chopin of our times

    Do you prefer Romantic or Classical Music? (Syleia,GR)

    How do you feel about the performances you had with Herbert von Karajan and Leonard Bernstein? (Syleia,GR)

    Lech Wałęsa - for better life in independent country

    While you were in prison, did you ever regret having been involved in politics and having taken the lead of 'Solidarity movement? (Anna, GR)

    The Polish people respect you for your contribution to your country's freedom and democracy.Which of the prizes you have been awarded, have made you proud? (Selena, GR)

                            Amazing German People

    Angela Merkel. The controversial politician of Germany

    How are you going to persuade all these people who believe you are making a mistake with your refugee policy? (Miranda,GR)

    You have fought for Europe's unity and solidarity. What are the major problems to save euro? (Katerina, GR)

    You are considered one of the most powerful women in the world. How do you feel about that? (Stefanie, GR)

    Jürgen Todenhöfer. First western journalist to visit ISIL

    What was the most risky report coverage you tried? (Selena, GR)

    Your book 'Inside ISIL' became a best seller. Do you think your life is in danger now? (Selena, GR)

    Klaus von Klitzing. The man who discovered the Hall-Effect. 

    How many years of research did it take you to discover the Hall-Effect equation? (Babis, GR)

    How did you feel when you were awarded the Nobel? (Vaggelis, GR)

    Daniel Aminati. A man with many talents.

    You have achieved so many things in the showbiz. Which one is your favourite? (Syleia, GR)

    Why did you stop playing football? (Christo, GR)

    Mario Götze. The young football talent.

    Are you proud of being a successful Bayern player? (Christo, GR)

    How do you prepare yourself before a football match? (Nikos, GR)

    Interview vokis by Greek students

     Interviewing 1.Thomas Pesquet, by Babis P. 2. Krystian Zimmerman by Syleia T. 3. Lech Walesa by Anna T. 4.Tony Parker by Christina S. 5. Dimitris Diamantidis by Maria L.

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    Interview Vokis by French students

    Interviewing 1. Constandinos Daskalakis, by Baptiste ;  2. George Augeropoulos by Thibault ;3. Monika by Tom ;  4. Dimitris Diamantidis by Julien ; 5. Eleni Antoniadou by Margaux

    1. 2  3


    4.  5.

    Interviewing 6. Aleksander Wolszczan by Elise, and 7.Robert Lewandowski by Idriss

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    Interviewing 1.Constandinos Daskalakis & George Augeropoulos 2.Interviewing Monika & Dimitris Diamantidis 3.Eleni Antoniadou

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