eTwinnio Riddles: schools challenges

  • Riddles are fun, but have you ever played Chemistry Riddles through online games???


    1)  Introductory tasks. Solve the challenges from other countries.

    2) Each country challenges the other partners with 5 riddles on elements of the periodic table.  Will you guess which element it is????

    3) On the eTwinnio riddles forum you can write your opinion about the riddles. If they were easy or difficult, if you could guess them.... 


    Chemistry challenge from Slovakia 

    STEP No 1

    Study the periodic table of elements

    Step No. 2

    Play a game (you can choose the difficulty from easy to difficult, we recommend you to start on easy level πŸ€”)

    Periodic table of elements _GAME<

    Step No. 3

    Chemistry memory cards from Slovakia πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡°

    Do you like games? Do you like playing memory cards?

    Play our online game and find out where in the nature and around us the chemical elements occur.

    Chemical memory cards

    Click into playing field for mixing cards and pl


    Chemistry challenge from Greece

    Step No. 4

    Are you good at solving mysteries?

    Greek students need your help.

    Don't forget to use your chemistry knowledge.

    CLIK HERE to write down your answers

    Challenge from Ceuta, Spain

    Step No. 5

    No. 1 Find on this periodic table these five elements: O, I, Cl, K, Cu. 

    Click on them and try to find their corresponding riddle. 

    Then check the answer by clicking on the blue icon. If your answer becomes green, you chose the correct one, if it becomes red, try again. 

    Click on the icon on the right to extend the app. 


    No. 2 Help Marie Curie to touch the elements she discovered to get points. If she touches other elements, she will lost a life. When she hasn't got any lives  the game will be over, although you can play again to get a new record.

    To start, click on the green flag. 

    Or click here if you want to display the game.



    Challenge from Seville, Spain

    IES Macarena challenges Italy, 

    Step No. 6

    Step No. 1 Periodic table from Seville

    The challenge of Macarena Secondary School  what elements are they.


    Step No. 2 Trivial periodic table from Seville

    Do you want to play with us to discover this trivial of some chemical elements? Just click on a color and answer the question. Click again on the button and it will be interactive. 



    Learn how to chronologically order the timeline of the periodic table.

    Challenge from Humenne, Slovakia

    Dargovských Hrdinov 19 challenges.

    Step No. 7

    Step No. 1

    Try to solve the chemistry challenge prepared by Slovak school


    The challenge No. 1 from Slovakia was focused on some chemical elements and pupils had to choose one correct answer from four choices.


    Step No. 2

    Try to match chemical elements with the pictures in which is their use expressed - play our interactive memory cards 


    Here you have the results of the Slovak challenge:

    How did they handle it?

    How did handle our Slovak pupils chemical riddles prepared by the schools from abroad?
    Watch the video and you will find it out

    Challenge from Atarfe, Spain

    IES Vega de Atarfe challenges 

    Step No. 8

    No. 1 Play a game. Link each element with their properties. 


    No. 2 Play a game. Choose the right element

     Did you enjoy the riddles? How many did you guess?


  • Playing riddle games.

    Ceuta, Spain

    Kids from Ceuta also played the game "The Chemical who is who" and the riddles that IES Vega de Atarfe, Spain prepared for the challenge.

    I must also thank the collaboration of teacher Lucia Villar.

    IES Macarena (Seville) Spain

    Students of the IES Macarena doing the challenge of the periodic table of the chemical elements proposed by Ceuta..

    Periodic Table IES Macarena (Seville) Spain

    Looking for the elements of the Ceuta challenge.