Valentina Tereshkova



    Valentina had to do a very hard training to be an astronaut.

    You are also going to prepare yourselves for this mission and you will have to carry out the following steps:

    Step no 1.

    You have to do a physical training by running and jumping.


    Step no 2.

    You have to nourish yourself with vitamins well so prepare a recipe from organic foods.


    Step no 3.

    Practice a Mindfulness  meditation body scanner that will help you have less stress and anxiety when taking off and developing the mission in space.

    Now we begin!

    1.Imagine you're in the space module about to take off.

    You are sitting with your back straight and your hands resting on your legs, lower your chin slightly towards your chest.

    Begin to inhale and exhale air through the nose, beads 1, 2, 3 when inhaling and 4, 5, 6 when exhaling. Notice how your breathing becomes calmer and calmer.

    Take a stable position. Look at every part of your body and allow it to breathe and release any tension stored in it.

    Feel the air penetrate your nostrils, throat, and penetrate your lungs, expanding, at the same time place your hands on your abdomen and notice how it rises and falls with each inhalation and exhalation.

    Then put them back on your legs. Now let your attention be fixed on your breathing. How do you experience it is calm, calm? Or forced? Just let it be as natural as possible.

    When thoughts come up, you just watch them and let them go like the clouds in the sky.

    Perceive how your feet, legs, hands, arms, shoulders, abdomen, chest, back, neck, cheeks, mouth, eyes, as if they weigh nothing and float.

    Now you go back, moving very slowly the fingers and toes, stretching the body and moving the neck to both sides in a slow way, little by little you are opening the eyes. Stay with this pleasant sensation is like a new awakening.


    2. Walking meditation:

     You're off the Earth and your movements are very slow.

    1. We begin by standing up very slowly, observing the sensations they perceive when doing so.

     2. Lifting one foot and breathing in, we drop the foot as we exhale, walk very slowly, and send a feeling of love to the Earth.

     3. We turn our head to one side 180 degrees and then to the other observing all that surrounds us fixedly. We then focus our attention on a point in outer space and fix our gaze on it, breathing serenely.