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    Sevilla, Spain.



    Ceuta, Spain


    Atarfe, Spain


    Crete, Greece


    Humenne, Slovakia



    Caserta, Italy


    Çanakkale, Turkey


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    Congratulations to the winner logo designed by this student from IES Macarena, Seville!!!

    For our logo design, all the classes of our school, after a long debate, decided which elements the logo should contain and we all agreed that it had to include the image of Marie Curie.

    This is IES Macarena's logo and its central image is extracted from wikimedia commons

    Yesterday, Marie Curie (Adela Muñoz, chemistry teacher at the University of Seville) visited IES Macarena and told us how she discovered Ra and Po. She talked about her daughters, their social commitment and their love for nature and finally, she met the student who designed the winning logo. Two women united by science.