What is eTwinnio?  Where can we find it? 

    Do you know where life starts? ...

    Let's look into the answers

    We are having a trip into space with the help of four women scientists: Hypatia of Alexandria, Valentina Tereshkova, Katherine Johnson and Jane Goodal (represented by women teachers from different departments of our schools and students from IES Macarena).  They have to solve some challenges, to find the clue and pass tests or tasks to get a ticket to space. Do you accompany us on the trip?

    At the end of our escape room, students will receive a ticket to space: Mars Mission 2020.

    IES Vega de Atarfe and IES Macarena from Spain, invite their partners to the Greespakia mission stars. What will they have to do there?? 



    We aim to take off from NASA for a space exploration project Mars 2020 with the objective of discovering a new element of the periodic table the e Twinnio. Will we find it?

    Two tickets for the mission are at schools IES Macarena and IES Vega de Atarfe. They will invite the other schools into the trip. But first they must get the ticket. See all the challenges and tasks students have to accomplish to get it. The key for success is collaboration