• As good disciples of Marie Curie we will celebrate Halloween by challenging each partner with science experiments.

    Let's celebrate Halloween. We have to wear Halloween costumes and carry out science experimentes.

    First of all, you must suggest one experiment and explain how to do it.

    Then, click here in the forum and answer the question "which one you would like to carry out".  You cannot do the one you have suggested.

    You can also tell us how was your experience carrying out the science experiments.

    And share your results on this "thinglink"

    Magic Halloween 🎃 

    Do you think that chemistry 👩🏻‍🔬 is difficult and boring?

    Join us and enter our witchcraft 🧙‍♀️workshop where you find out that the chemistry is incredible 🧪 and magic 🌡    


  • Let's suggest science experiments.

    Science experiment suggested by kids from Ceuta, Spain

    1.-How to make artificial smoke.
    2.-Fresh vegetables can conduct electricity quite well. Show us an experiment using fresh vegetables conducting electricity.

    Magic experiments suggested by pupils from IES Macarena, Seville, Spain

    1. Create a video game controller using any element that is conductive for example hands.

    2. How can you introduce a whole hard boiled egg inside a glass bottle?

    3. How can you spin an ellipse without touching it?

    🧙‍♀️🕷🧫Fizzy Potion_Magic Chemistry by kids from Humenne, Slovakia

    500 ml water
    1 drop food colouring
    2 teaspoon of baking soda
    20 ml washing up liquid dish soap
    30 ml vinegar

    1. Measure 50 ml of water and pour carefully into the beaker
    2. Add the food coloring using a pippete
    3. Add the washing up liquid
    4. Add the baking soda
    5. Add the vinegar
    6. Stir if needed

    How clouds make rain 🌧_Biology experiment by pupils from Humenne, Slovakia

    1. Fill the beaker almost to the top with water.
    2. Cover the top with a “cloud” of shaving cream.
    3. Let your pupils drop food coloring into the cloud until the color starts “raining” into the water below.
    4. Explain that this is how rain works too.
    5. The water collects in the cloud until there is too much, and then it leaks through, forming rain.

    Atmospheric pressure and convection currents experiments suggested by students from IES Vega de Atarfe, Granada, Spain

    1. How can you crush a can without touching it?
    2. If you cover three candles that have different heights with a glass, which one will go out first?
    3. Take out a glass full of water. Cover it with a card and then put it upside down. What happens? Why the card doesn't fall down?

    Think all the questions above, experiment to work like a scientist, and write your answer in the forum.

    SPOOKY MAGIC BALLOONS!!! by 11th GYM Heraklion Crete, GREECE

    You need: 2 balloons, a candle, matches, water
    Experiment: Fill one balloon with air and hold it over a lit candle to see if the flame will break it. Then fill the second balloon with tap water, light the candle and hold the balloon over the flame again.
    What is going to happen? Why?
    Give your reasons and then...decorate your ballons as if they were pumkins!!!

    Experiments from IES Macarena, Seville,Spain

    1. EXPERIMENT: Are fruits and vegetables electrically conductive?
    We introduce two copper cables with crocodiles in a potato, these also are connected to a digital clock, to fix the cables to the positive and negative sides of the clock we can put a little bit of insulating tape. When we insert it into the potato the clock starts to mark the time.
    2. EXPERIMENT: Can we project a holographic image with a mirror?
    We introduce in the background of a dark chamber where there is only a circular mirror like a magnifying glass a red ball, when projecting the image by the refraction of light we see it on the surface although it is a mirage, it is not real.
    3. EXPERIMENT: We make smoke.
    We mix potassium permanganate with glycerin and a combustion is produced that gives off smoke and we obtain new substances.

    Experiment taken into account by CEIP Mare Nostrum. Ceuta, Spain.

    In response to the suggestion of IES Macarena in Seville, we show that our body is an electrical conductor through a scratch video game with the help of the tool makey makey.

    Sebil Var, Çanakkale Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi

    Are you ready to make a volcanic eruption?
    We need a little magic potion.
    We can prepare an amazing volcanic eruption with some carbonate and vinegar. Of course, let's not forget to color.


    We are preparing the scientific challenges that you must overcome on Halloween.

    And the terrifying decoration!!