• Every country has collaborated on the dissemination of this project.

    We have made a broadcast with the hastag on Twitter.

    Watch our dissemination on Twitter #eTwinnio19

    Here we go!!

    9th October: Yaiza and María José, teachers advisors from Asturias and Ceuta, Spain, presented the project "Women with conscience and science, Marie Curie: looking for eTwinnio" through a videoconference for other Spanish teacher advisors.


    Sevilla, 24th October 2019

    Pay of theater: "Scientists: past, present and future" with the collaboration of the University of Seville. Activity by IES Macarena.


    Sevilla, 26th October 2020 

    participating in the II National Days of Mindulness for a conscious life. IES Macarena presenting our eTwinning project and how we work Mindfulness in it.



    Slovakia, 30th October 2019

    The magic chemistry lesson - MAGIC HALLOWEEN

    in Slovakia was presented to other teachers, pupils and the public throught the article on our webpage

    Magic chemistry


    Atarfe, 11th November 2019

    IES Vega de Atarfe recommends our project in an article in the main journal in Granada.



    Sevilla, 16th November 2019

    Meeting II Seminar of Mindfulness in Education, where I participate like a IES Macarena teacher exposing the project of eTwinning Women with conscience and science: Marie Curie. Looking for eTwinnio. Since we work Mindfulness in our project as a tool for emotional development and improvement of coexistence, also boosting basic attention and concentration for learning the scientific area. 


    Sevilla, 21th November 2019. In a meeting of educational cities I participate as coordinator of a table based on a green pedagogy and the educational application of Mindfulness and where I again disseminated the project we are doing like IES Macarena teacher.



    Slovakia, 27th November 2019. 

    We present to you the campaigns of dissemination of our project that we have undertaken. 

    eTwinnio Chemical Riddles in Slovakia

    The aim of these lessons was not only increase pupils' science literacy but also increase their awareness about the conection among all science subjects (Biology, Chemistry, ICT...)

    We informed the other teachers, pupils but mainly the parents and friends of our school about these great lessons on our school website

    Chemistry as a part of English lesson, CLIL in Chemistry lesson


    Sevilla 2th December 2019

    Marie Curie visits our institute IES Macarena (Seville)

    Adela Muñoz Páez, professor of chemistry and researcher at the University of Seville, visits us at Macarena Secondary School to perform a monologue by Marie Curie, which she interprets in the work "Científicas pasado, presente y futuro". She also gives us her book "SABIAS" dedicated to those women scientists sometimes invisible in the History that we share with our eTwinning project.
    We are grateful for this beautiful meeting.


    Çanakkale 7th December 2019

    For eTwinning Project Çanakkale Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi, "Imagination and Creativity in Nature of Science" Dr. Betül Timur


    Slovakia, December 9th 2019

    Greespakia mission at Slovak School

    We informed the parents of our pupils and other students and teachers about the project progress on our school wepage through the article and short video from lesson focused on Mindfulness and Greespakia Mission.

    Greespakia Mission at Slovak school


    GREECE, DECEMBER 13th 2019



    Sevilla, December 18th 2019 


    The IES Macarena visits the King Moro's ecogarden in Seville and establishes a learning and service community with it to collaborate and exchange vegetables and seeds.We also present our project of women with conscience and science, we carry out in this space a session of Mindfulness in the nature.


    Sevilla, 23rd January 2020  IES Macarena (Seville)
    Meeting at the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Andalusian Government of the Community of Practice "Healthy Public Service" of which I am a member, to present the work done in the eTwinning project "Women with conscience and science: Marie Curie. Looking for eTwinnio", referring to the practice of Mindfulness and its integration in the scientific mathematical area.


    Sevilla, 13th February 2020

    IES MACARENA (Seville)


    We have celebrated the radio day in the IES Macarena with the program "Hoy por hoy" of the Cadena Ser, we have participated in the section of Ecology and we have exposed our project e Twinning through the waves to more than 50.000 listeners, and one of our students has been interviewed jointly with me. We have promoted the sustainability of the environment taking our ecogarden as an example.


    Around 1 p.m. Is the interview



    Sevilla, 26th February 2020


    The Councillor for Education of the Seville City Council and the Director General of Education visited our ecogarden and we introduced them to the Women with Conscience and Science eTwinning project in the classroom. They have invited us to disseminate it to the educational community when it is finished.


    Atarfe, 9th March 2020

    IES Vega de Atarfe as a brand new site to promote eTwinning project


    Atarfe, 29th April 2020

    Teachers Montse Jiménez and Rosario Rodríguez from Atarfe (Granada) present the project to our students' families. Due to lockdown period it is done online but we were all happy to see each other and learning about their children great work on these months.


    Seville, 9th May 2020

    During the period of the Covid19 alarm state we have been promoting relaxation and anxiety reduction techniques with our students. The IES Macarena (Ángeles Molina) prepared a Mindfulness practice guide and some audios for its application, these have been used by all the students and teachers of our project. This material has been published by the Seville City Council within its Stay at Home education website. Here is the link, click on it and then enter the section Mindfulness, + info and click on the underlined statement in small letters. At the end of the guide you will find the audios.



    Ceuta, 15th May 2020

    Blog eTwinning. CEIP Mare Nostrum. Ceuta Spain. 

    Blog.     Label: looking for eTwinnio.


    Greece, 1st June 2020



    Atarfe, 16th June 2020

    Destacamos en la web del centro las actividades de nuestro proyecto



    The Delegation for Equality of the Seville City Council offers us the dissemination of the project.



    The national and European quality seals are already in our centre along with this year's new project.


    Thanks to eTwinning Spain and eTwinning Europe.



    We present to the families of our students the final products of our project "Women with conscience and science: Marie Curie. Looking for eTwinnio" and at the same time the new one "Women of the oceans: Oceans of life".

    Only one family member of each student was able to attend due to safety distance.



    Like today… November 7th 2020

    Maria Salomea Skłodowska-Curie was born (November 7, 1867 - July 4, 1934). "She was a Polish physicist, chemist and teacher. In collaboration with her husband, Pierre Curie, she discovered radio and studied the effects of radioactivity. She also discovered polonium and was the first woman to become a professor at the Sorbonne University, where she was twice awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry. She was the most famous woman scientist of her time, also known as Madame Curie.

    On the occasion of the award of our School with the National and the European quality label e twinning, for the project


    the awarding of the students who participated in the project took place on Thursday, November 4th,  in the yard of our school:


    The awards’ ceremony was held by the Director of the 11th High School of Heraklion Mrs. Antonia Kokotsaki, the Director of the 13th Lyceum of Heraklion Mrs. Katerina Mikraki and the project teacher Mrs. Kyriaki Kydonieos.



    This great team of teachers and students wants to share the products resulting from our project, converted into educational materials for our centre and also for the educational community.

    November 17 2020 IES MACARENA SEVILLE (SPAIN)
    The Councillor for Education and the Director General of Education of Seville City Council present the diplomas to the students of IES Macarena participating in this project for the national and European quality labels received. Disseminating the products resulting from the project, magazine, story, spinner of women of the periodic table and gambling cards.


    NOVEMBER 20 - 11- 2020  

    IES Macarena receives the European Quality Label for 'Women of Conscience and Science: Marie Curie. In search of the eTwinnio element', a project supported by Seville City Council to awaken interest in science among students.


    The Seville City Council publicises our project on its website.


    Thank you Maria Salomea Skłodowska-Curie
    for inspiring this magical project, by your example, courage and generosity.



    Local press in Atarfe and Granada publishes about our European Quality Labels

    Ideal Newspaper article 

    Granada hoy article

    The Educative Programme Department from Ministry of Education in Ceuta

    wrote on Twitter to congratulates us for the European Quality Label. 


    IES MACARENA (SEVILLE)  July 6th, 2021

    This project will be disseminated during the Pablo de Olavide summer conference to be held in Carmona, under the title Educating for Equality. The only way. Ángeles Molina Márquez will take part in a round table discussion.


    Sede Olavide en Carmona





    Fecha de celebración: del 5 al 7 de julio de 2021.

    Directoras: Dña. Adela Muñoz Páez. Catedrática de Química Inorgánica. Universidad de Sevilla. Escritora. Vocal Junta directiva AMIT, Asociación de Mujeres Investigadoras y Tecnólogas .

    Dña. Blanca Rodríguez Ruiz. Profesora titular de Derecho Constitucional. Universidad de Sevilla.

    Dña. Mercedes de Pablos. Periodista, escritora, ex directora de FCEA.              

    Duración: 20 horas     

    Eurocréditos: 1’5 ECTS

    Tarifa: 70 €

    Código del Curso: 2021cc


    Resumen del contenido del curso: El pilar fundamental para sentar las bases de una sociedad igualitaria es la educación, entendida en un sentido amplio. Inicialmente se educa en la familia y posteriormente en los centros de enseñanza primaria, secundaria y universitaria, pero también se educa con la Literatura y a través de los medios de comunicación. En este curso se reunirán todos los agentes sociales implicados en la educación para debatir sobre la forma más eficaz de educar para la igualdad.


    Dirigido a: Alumnado y profesorado universitario de distintas disciplinas, agentes de igualdad, responsables políticos, agentes sociales, activistas y participantes en movimientos sociales.




    Lunes 5              09’00-09’30        Recepción y entrega de documentación.


                                10’00-11’00         Inauguración del curso.

                                                             Dña. Isabel Celáa. Ministra de Educación y Formación Profesional.


                                11’00-12’30         Conferencia: “La educación como motor de cambio”.

    Dña. María Ángeles Durán. Catedrática de Sociología y Profesora de Investigación del CSIC.(Premio Nacional de Investigación en Ciencias Sociales en 2002 y de Sociología 2018)                          


                           12’30-14’00         Debate: “Educación: Derecho y Ley”.

    • D. Ángel Gabilondo, catedrático de Filosofía y exrector de la Universidad  Autónoma de Madrid. Exministro de Educación y diputado.
    • Dña. Anna Caballé. Profesora de Literatura de la Universidad de Barcelona. Escritora, crítica y presidenta de Clásicas y Modernas (Asociación para la Igualdad de Género en la Cultura).
    • Dña. Amparo Rubiales. Abogada, feminista


                               16’00-18’00         Debate: “Asignatura: igualdad”. 

    • Dña. Soledad Murillo. Profesora titular de Sociología y Comunicación de la Universidad de Salamanca. Exsecretaria de Estado de Igualdad.
    • Dña. Capitolina Díaz. Catedrática de Sociología de la Universidad de Valencia. Exdirectora general de Igualdad del Ministerio de Trabajo.
    • Isabel Pla, Catedrática Economía Aplicada Universidad Valencia. Pandemia: teletrabajo, teleeestudio.


    Presenta y conduce: Dña. Blanca Rodríguez Ruiz. Profesora titular de Derecho Constitucional. Área de Derecho Constitucional. Universidad de Sevilla.


                            18’00-20’00              Presentación campaña #NoMoreMatildas.

    Dña. Lucia de Vega, agencia de publicidad Gettingbetter.

    D. Miguel Ayanz, agencia literiaria Dos Passos.

    Dña. Adela Muñoz Páez. Catedrática de Química Inorgánica  de la Universidad de Sevilla. Escritora. Vocal de la Junta Directiva AMIT



    Martes 6       10’00-12’00                  Debate: “Aulas prohibidas. La lucha de las mujeres por el

                                                                  derecho a la educación”.

    • Dña. Consuelo Flecha. Catedrática de Historia de la Educación de la Universidad de Sevilla.
    • Dña. Adela Muñoz Páez. Catedrática de Química Inorgánica. Universidad de Sevilla. Escritora.
    • Dña. Mar González Rodríguez, Profesora titular de Psicología Evolutiva de la Universidad de Sevilla. Ex comisionada Polígono Sur de Sevilla. Exclusión y educación.


                         12’00-14’00                Debate: “El abc de la igualdad (el desafío de la educación desde primaria)”.

    • Dña. Nélida Zaitegui. Pedagoga, maestra, asesora del Gobierno vasco en acoso escolar y abusos. Impulsora del programa sobre educación y convivencia.
    • Dña. Ana María González Ramos. Profesora de Sociología de la Universidad Pablo de Olavide. Editora de ‘El género en la educación’.


                                                             Presenta y conduce: Dña. Mercedes de Pablos. Escritora y periodista.


                               16’00-18’00          Debate: “Retos de la adolescencia (Enseñanza Secundaria)”.

    • Dña. Ángeles Molina Márquez. Profesora del IES Macarena y responsable del proyecto didáctico europeo Etwining: Women with conscience and science: Marie Curie. Looking for eTwinnio.
    • Dña. Clara Grima. Profesora titular de Matemática de la Universidad de Sevilla. Escritora y divulgadora científica Premio COSCE de divulgación Científica, Premio ROMA.

    -    Dña. Assumpta Sabuco. Profesora titular de Antropología de la Universidad de Sevilla. Experta en Identidades de género y adolescencia


    Presenta y conduce: D. Octavio Salazar. Catedrático de Derecho Constitucional. Universidad de Córdoba.


                              18’00-19’00           Conferencia: “RAE frente a Neurociencia: qué entiende el cerebro

                                                             cuando usamos masculino genérico”.

    Dña. Susana Gaytan Guía. Profesora titular de Fisiología de la Universidad de Sevilla y Responsable de Secretaría de Promoción de la Perspectiva de Género de la Universidad de Sevilla. Presidenta de AMIT-Andalucía


    Presenta y conduce: Dña. Mercedes de Pablos. Escritora y periodista.


                             19’00-20’00            Presentación de la colección de María Teresa León. Las invisibles.

    Dña Christina Linares. Editora y traductora.

    Dña. Anna Caballé. Profesora de Literatura de la Universidad de Barcelona. Escritora, crítica y presidenta de Clásicas y Modernas (Asociación para la Igualdad de Género en la Cultura).


    Presenta: Dña. Amparo Rubiales. Abogada, feminista.




    Miércoles  7    10’00-12’00         Debate: “La Universidad. Educar a quien educa”.

    • Dña. Encina Calvo Iglesias. Profesora titular de Física de la Universidad de Santiago de Compostela. Autora de ‘Guía docente universitaria con perspectiva de género de Física, de Literatura y de Cine para visibilizar a las científicas’.
    • Dña. Mª Ángeles Rebollo. Profesora titular de Métodos de Educación de la Universidad de Sevilla. Coordinadora del libro ‘La universidad en clave de género’ y del proyecto de ‘Elaboración de guías docentes con perspectiva de género US’.


    Presenta y conduce: Dña. Blanca Rodríguez Ruiz. Profesora titular de Derecho Constitucional. Área de Derecho Constitucional. Universidad de Sevilla.


                                 12’00 -14’00      Debate: “En primera persona”.

    • Dña. Montserrat Domínguez. Periodista. Directora del suplemento dominical de El País.
    • Dña. Esther Palomera. Periodista de eldiario.es
    • Dña. Ana Bernal Triviño. Periodista de El Periódico.


    Presenta y conduce: Dña. Amparo Rubiales. Abogada, feminista.



                                 14’00 -14’30      Clausura del curso y entrega de diplomas.



    The article prepared for the students of this course






    29 January 2022 
    Dissemination of our award and projects "Women with conscience and science: Marie Curie. Looking for eTwinnio" and "Women of the Ocean: Oceans of life"

    We present the dissemination video of our coeducational, scientific, holistic and inclusive European eTwinning projects on women scientists and women of the ocean, developed during the academic years 2019-2020 and 2020-2021. Here we show you the objectives and the contribution of eTwinning as a European educational platform for teachers and students in the construction of these projects.