The idea of carrying out this project came up when a group of women who had received the National eTwinning Award 2018 and met at the European conference in Warsaw  wondered why Warsaw? What was the reason for being there?


    They walked through the old part of the city and suddenly, they found themselves in front of the door of the Marie Curie Museum. And then, the question had its answer.

    All of us had the need to work important topics with the students, such us enviroment, equality, visibility of women, emotions through mindfulness,... to give answer to the problems we find in class and in society nowadays. So, What about working all those topics in a same project?, What about working on a project based on women scientists such us Marie Curie, an example of courage, effort and love for her family and others?, and What about introducing the  part of values they transmitted with their life and experience as well? 

    Already at the airport, while we were waiting for the flight to Madrid, and following the example of Marie Curie, who brought two new elements "polonium and radio" to the  Periodic Table of Elements, we wonderwed What if we could include a new one  called eTwinnio? . 

    And that is why our idea of project came up.

    We found in Warsaw the connection in order to work in class those important topics (enviromnent, equality, visibility of women, emotions, mindfulness....). 

     Do you want to know which one is the relation among those topics?

                Follow our project. 



    Our dream to bring a new element to the periodic table the eTwinnio was born in Warsaw, Marie Curie's hometown where we are this group of teachers.