Gamifying our classroom

  • We suggest  teachers to use this cards to gamify the classroom.


    Click here to download them.


    With the application, we have drawn up a series of reward cards to improve the way people live together in the classroom. Every time they did an activity related to the eTwinning project they got 10, 20 and 50 ecoTwinn tickets. These cards contain images of Marie Curie and her family and also of other women scientists (taken from wikimedia creative commons). In this way we were making the figure of women in science visible. We presented them at the same time as they appeared in the project.

    How much does each card cost?

    Card: Irene Joliot Curie     50 ecoTwinn

    Card: Marie Curie family   70 ecoTwinn

    Card: Pierre and Marie Curie  50 ecoTwinn

    Card: Ada Lovelace           250 ecoTwinn

    Card: Jane Goodall           100 ecoTwinn

    Card: Hypatia                     100 ecoTwinn

    Card: Marie Curie laboratory    100 ecoTwinn

    Card: Marie Skłodowska Curie 150 ecoTwinn

    Card: Katherine Johnson           100 ecoTwinn

    Card: Marie Curie and Irène      150 ecoTwinn

    Card: Valentina Tereshkova       150 ecoTwinn


    We have used the project's gamma cards throughout the course, in the activities related to eTwinning and the ecogarden, and it has been very motivating for the students as they got to know relevant scientists and the Curie family.