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    Steps to be taken for the correct implementation in  the school.

    1. Involving the management team is one of the most important steps. Exposing the benefits which provides both teachers and students.

    2. The project must be known both by the management and by the families whose children participate in this project that you have designed, concentrating it on the characteristics of the students and the environment. It must be concrete and specific.

    3. Present it by department and then to the faculty so that they are at least informed. and may have the option of joining the project.

    4. Holding of a previous meeting with the interested teachers in order to constitute a group of teachers. Mindfulness, which functions as a working motor group.

    5. Establish a schedule for Mindfulness exercises by mutual agreement. For example, devote five to ten minutes a day after recess or before a class.

    6. At first we can practice it in the classroom. Turning off lights, lowering blinds, playing previous music or in silence, to reduce external stimuli.

    7. Each teacher should carry out the exercises first individually and then at least once a week with the group.  Mindfulness It can be before the entrance in the morning for example or at the exit.

    8. Carrying out a cohabitation of the motor group (better if it is an outing to nature) at the end of the project "day of silence retreat" and exchange of the practice carried out during the course.

    9. Performing a mindfulness and nature with the students to put into practice what they have learned, that a conscious walk, and a mindfulness eating and various meditations, to finish integrating all in an everyday Mindfulness.

    10. Questionnaire of evaluation of the practice carried out among teachers, students and families.


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    Presenting the project in our classroom of 1 and 2 ESO. Welcome to the team of women scientists. And this is our Mindful corner where we breath and so we can concentrate the attention better something necesary in a scientist. Integrating mind and heart.

    Mindfulness and nature Slovak Team

    practicing mindfulness in the ecogarden