Hypatia of Alexandria

  • The woman scientist behind this story

     "Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all"


    Hypatia by Raphael Sanzio

    STEP No. 1


    On this video you will learn a bit more about the first woman scientist we have reference.  She is the beginning of our story. Asteroid 238 and a lunar crater are named on her.

    Thanks to her father Teon, she had access to knowledge and education in a time when women didn't. She worked everyday to have a healthy body and an active mind.



    STEP No. 2

    She helped us to think, to understand, to observe the canopy of heaven ...  Do you think you are now ready for the following ...





    Material to be used: a graph paper. Does not matter the size of squares. When you finish you can check your answer. Ready, steady and go.....