2nd Short Term Joint Staff Training in the United Kingdom - AGENDA

  •                                                                          2nd Short Term Joint Staff Training 

    “My Work Is My Future”


    Project nr. 2015-1-SK01-KA219-008905

    KA2: Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices

    Strategic Partnerships for Schools Only


    14th to 18th March 2016

    Catcote Academy

    Catcote Rd,



    TS25 4EZ



    Participating countries: Slovakia 5 staff, Croatia 4 staff, Poland 5 staff, Turkey 5 staff, Romania 5 staff

    England staff will host this training event

    Working language: English. Size of group: 27 – 30 people


    Objectives of the Learning, Training and Teaching Activity

    During the meeting we will:

    • meet and learn from key project professionals from participating countries, members of school staff and students

    • discuss project activities and outcomes, including recognition and recording of pre vocational and vocational skills through accreditation and qualifications

    • visit vocational and pre vocational teaching areas and work related learning activities including The Vestry Cafe

    • work in the eTwinning portal: TwinSpace

    • develop and share the ‘My Work is My Future’ website

    • attend pre vocational skills workshop to explore embedding Catcote ‘BEESPOKE’ Business and Enterprise skills in to the curriculum

    • feedback and develop knowledge on video processing schemes and case studies

    • meet the Mayor of Hartlepool

    • visit cultural City of Durham

    • receive training on Kinesitherapy

    • learn from each school about ‘specifics in transition of students to world of work: link between vocational departments and demand on the labor market; specifics of sheltered employment and workshops in participating countries.

    • share agenda for the next meeting in Croatia



    Times are approximate

    Sunday 13th March 2016

    Partners are arriving at various times



    Monday 14th March 2016 – Introduction / Orientation

    9:30 – 10:30

    Opportunity to join lower school assembly – then coffee and refreshments

    10.30 – 11.15

    Presentation of Catcote Academy Pathways - school within school model

    11.15 – 12md

    Tour of the school in small groups

    12 – 12.45

    Lunch in school coffee shop made by students

    12.45 – 15.00

    Visit Catcote off site provision – Post 19 Catcote Futures and Hart 6th Form Centre

    15.00 – 16.00

    Follow up questions and discussion – review programme for following sessions

    16.00 – 18.00

    Free time

    18.00 – 21.00

    Welcome meal at Sambuca Italian Restaurant which is near Travelodge (approx. cost £10 - £15 per person)

    Tuesday 15th March 2016

    9:00 – 10.50

    eTwinning workshop with eTwinning Ambassador - Break

    11.00 – 12.30

    Presentation by Alison Brown on Embedding Business and Enterprise Skills in the curriculum (Recognition and recording of pre-vocational and vocational skills)


    12.30 – 13.15

    Light Lunch in school coffee shop made by students

    13.15 – 14.30

    Visit Foundation Learning lessons (work related learning) around school 14 – 19 curriculum

    14.30 – 15.30

    Afternoon tea in the coffee shop provided by students

    15.30 – 17.00

    Vocational Learning - presentation by school staff and opportunities to discuss teaching methods and methods of recording progress for students of all different abilities

    16:30 – 19:00

    Make own arrangements for evening

    Wednesday 16th March 2016

    9:30 – 10.30

    Video Processing including working break – each country can give a summary of progress and issues –please bring an example to share during this session

    10.45 – 12

    Kinesitherapy – Croatia leading on this training

    12 – 12.45

    Lunch in school coffee shop made by students

    13.00 - 15.00

    See practical pre vocational skills and work related learning with SLD/ASD students from 6th Form and Post 19

    Visit Forest School

    Visit Catering and Coffee shop

    15.00 – 15.30


    15.30 – 17.00


    Presentation by Post 19 ASD group teacher about teaching work related skills

    Opportunity to discuss employment opportunities for Catcote students with our Work Related Learning Officer

    Presentation from Amanda Hunter about Occupational Therapy


    Fish and chip tea at ‘Fish Face’ a British Fish and Chip restaurant (cost approx. £8)

    Thursday 17th March 2016

    9 – 10.00

    Presentation by the Head Teacher about our small business – ‘The Vestry Coffee Shop’

    10.30 -12md

    Meeting with the Mayor of Hartlepool

    12.00 – 1pm

    Lunch at the Vestry Cafe

    1.30 – 17.00

    Visit to Durham City (travel time 30 minutes – contribution of £5pp for the bus and possible tour of the cathedral is also £5 per person )

    17.30 – 18.30

    Refreshments at school and Monika will give update on the ‘My Work is My Future’ Website

    18.30 – 19.30

    Special musical performance at school by the Special Needs support Group - Constellation

    Friday 18th March 2016

    9:00 – 11.15

    All Groups Presentation 15 – 20 minutes each country - specifics in transition of students to world of work: link between vocational departments and demand on the labour market; specifics of sheltered employment and workshops in participating countries.

    11.15 - 12

    Rebound Therapy demonstration

    12 – 14:00

    Final Lunch, certificates and discussion about next meeting in Croatia (Sambucas Windmill special menu is £4.95 drinks cost extra – transport will be provided)

    13.00 – 18.00

    School will be open until 6pm for partners who have checked out of accommodation


    General Information


    • Transport will be available for partners if required at 8.30am each day from the Travelodge, Hartlepool Marina to Catcote Academy

    • Transport will be provided for all of the school related site visits

    • There will be a cost towards the visit to Durham city to meet transport costs of £5 per person

    • We may have an opportunity to have a guided tour of Durham Cathedral – this is £5 per person

    • A light breakfast will be available on arrival at school in the meeting room each day and any further purchases can be made at the school coffee shop

    • Light lunch will be provided by students at our school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and on Thursday at our Coffee shop in the town center

    • Please contact us if you have any special dietary requirements

    • Transport will be available most evenings to get you back to hotel and this needs to be arranged day by day

    • All events and meals in the evening are optional but we will need to know if you intend to be present so we can confirm numbers with the relevant restaurants and for the students doing the musical performance on Thursday.

    • School will be open until 6pm on Friday evening


    Please contact Wendy Wharton wwharton@hpoolcatcote.org.uk if you have any questions