Project Outcomes

  • Results expected during the project: 

     1. logo and a poster of the project - responsible - Poland
     2. website about the project, project outcomes - dissemination tool - responsible - Slovakia
     3. videos and picture work process-schemes of different tasks regarding pre-vocational and vocational skills - responsible - ALL partners - minimum nr. of videos and picture work process schemes per participating school: 20 (10/10); all videos to be published on project website as OER
     4. 2 questionnaires for staff involved in the project - to compare the beginning and the end of the project - to evaluate the impact of the project - whether the aims of the project where achieved - responsible - CROATIA
     5. Analyzing results of questionnaires - comparing and contrasting the results - at the end of the project - ALL partners. 
     6. Analysis of all systems of pre-vocational and vocational education in all participating countries - responsible – United Kingdom
     7. Open days at each schools focused on presentation of the project - responsible - ALL partners
     8. DVD with all presentations about methods presented during project meetings – ROMANIA
     9. booklet of picture process-schemes of pre-vocational and vocational skills – TURKEY
    10. implementation of new methods to improve the quality of pre-vocational and vocational education of students with special needs - ALL PARTNERS
    11. modification and effective use of new strategies regarding support for students with special educational needs and mental disabilities in order to  facilitate their transition from education to the world of work
    12. teachers from participating schools will acquire new innovative competences in use of new methods (video-modeling, picture process schemes, TEACCH, use of ICT - use of tablets, smart boards; developing skills in creating individual learning plans for pre-vocational and vocational skills - enhancing of digital integration into teaching and learning
    13. management of participating schools will acquire new ideas and knowledge about the functioning of pre-vocational and vocational education in the countries of participating schools and will  implement new strategies, approaches and workshops into their schools in regard to the possibilities of the school premises, state policy and relevance of the students. 

    Results expected at the end of the project: 

    1. Open educational resources website - containing all project videos and process schemes - with free access for everyone - to help students with SEN, SEN teachers, parents and carers in acquiring new skills - from early self help skills, continuing through pre-vocational skills during their compulsory education, up to vocational skills during vocational education.
    2. DVD with all presentations about methods, strategies and approaches / to be shared on the website as well as a European Shared Treasure
    3. Booklet with process schemes - low tech outcomes - for free upload from the project website, eTwinning and EST. 
    4. Shared experiences among participating schools which will increase the competences of the teachers and improve the pre-vocational and vocational education at the participating schools with the tendency of further dissemination in the participating countries among schools, local authorities, universities, parents, etc. 
    5. Shared now-how regarding building better links and relationship between schools and local businesses in order to support the employment of people with mental disabilities.