Project Timetable

  • Project Programme / activities:


    A – activity

    C – Short term joint staff training

    M – project meeting


    A1. Creating logo and poster of the project / Sept 2015 - POLAND

    M1. First project meeting in Slovakia / Sept 2015 - ALL PARTNERS

    A2. Creating the Erasmus plus corners - displays promoting the project - with approved logo and poster / Oct 2015/ ALL PARTNERS

    A3. Setting up the project at eTwinning portal - creating TWINSPACE for future communication, promotion and dissemination / Oct 2015 - SLOVAKIA

    A4. Setting up the project FB site - for project promotion and dissemination / Nov 2015 / POLAND

    A5. Preparation of the lectures, workshops for forthcoming joint staff training activity: / Oct and Nov 2015


    C1. Short term joint staff training activity in Poland / Nov 2015 – 5 days

    Day one: host school presentation, workshops: Ceramics, Tinkering, Tailoring, Handicrafts; Day two: Presentation of methods: Makaton, Method of practical action

    Day three: Training in video modeling, picture work process schemes - for pre-vocational and vocational education

    Day four: TEACCH -theoretical information, TEACCH - use of teacch in pre-vocational and vocational education

    Day five: presentation and comparison of specifics in education pre-vocational and vocational skills in educational systems of participating countries; discussion


    A6. Creating a questionnaire in order to measure the quality of the implementation and effectiveness of new methods. /Dec 2015/ CROATIA

    A7. Translating the questionnaire into national languages of partner schools. /Jan 2016/ ALL PARTNERS

    A8. 1st application of the questionnaire. /Jan 2016/ ALL PARTNERS

    A9. Creating videos and digital process-schemes on tablets of different tasks regarding pre-vocational and vocational skills - country responsible: ALL PARTNERS /Febr 2016 - April 2017/

    A10: Preparation of the lectures, workshops for forthcoming joint staff training activity: /Feb 2016/


    C2: Short term joint staff training activity in the United Kingdom / March 2016 – 5 days

    Day one: host school presentation, workshops: Hair and Beauty, Hospitality and Catering, Horticulture, Performing Arts and Reprographics.

    Day two: Teaching pre-vocatioanl skills in realistic business environment at school,

    Day three: Recognition and recording of pre-vocational and vocational skills.

    Day four: Monitoring the process of socialisation and assisting with employment of qualified students. Presentation of Kinezytherapy.

    Day five: presentation and comparison of specifics in transition of students to world of work: link between vocational departments and demand on labour market; specifics of sheltered emplyment and workshops in praticipating countries


    A11. Creating a project website - to promote the project, aims, methods, implementation, outcomes - Open Educational Resource - for video modeling and picture work process schemes to be used on tablets, PC, interactive white boards etc. Country responsible - SLOVAKIA /Febr 2016/

    A12. Uploading new videos and process schemes to the project website and uploading relevant information to the Facebook site of the project and to eTwinning TWINSPACE. /March 2016 - May 2017/ - ALL PARNTERS

    M2. Transnational Project Meeting in Croatia - Midterm evaluation; Midterm report

    A13: Preparation of the lectures and workshops for forthcoming joint staff training activity: /Aug - Sept 2016/


    C3: Short term joint staff training activity in Turkey - /Oct 2016/ - 5 days

    Day one: Supporting pre-vocational skills in gardening, crafts and kitchen workhoops. The importance o social adaptive skills classes.

    Day two: Individual eduation and teaching/training plans.

    Day three: Occupational therapy in special education.

    Day four: Pre-vocational skills training in weaving carpets and tailoring

    Day five: Cooperation between schools and local businesses - link between the education and world of work - discussion.


    A14. Testing of effectiveness of methods directly on a group of student using resources created during the project: videos of modeled pre-vocational or vocational task and picture work process schemes with use of ICT. /Feb 2017 - March 2017/ ALL PARTNERS.

    A15. Application of 2nd questionnaire for staff involved in the project - quality check of the project implementation and its impact - country responsible - ALL PARTNERS - /April 2017/

    A16. Analyzing results of questionnaires - comparing and contrasting the results - graphic representation of results - ALL PARTNERS. / April 2017/

    A17. Analysis of all systems of pre-vocational and vocational education in all participating countries at the end of the project + examples of best practice which can serve as suggestions for implementation in other European and partner country schools - country responsible – United Kingdom /April 2017/

    A18. Creating DVD with all presentations about methods, strategies, approaches and supporting services presented during project meetings – ROMANIA /April - May 2017/

    M3. Final Transnational Project Meeting in Romania. /May 2017/

    A19. Creating booklet of picture process-schemes of pre-vocational and vocationall skills – TURKEY /April - May 2017/

    A20. Dissemination activities in order to promote project outcomes at school, regional and national level (schools, universities, press) - ALL partners /May - June 2017/

    A21. Final Report for NA of applicant - SLOVAKIA - /July - Aug 2017/

    A22. Open days as a dissemination tool at schools during the time when the transnational project meetings and transnational short term joint staff training events are held at each school. (6 Open days event during the project) /September 2015 - SLOVAKIA, Nov 2015 - POLAND, March 2016 - UK, May 2016 - CROATIA, Oct 2016 - Turkey, May 2017 - Romania/

    A23. Dissemination seminars at each participant school following the accomplished short term joint staff training activity. (3 times during the project) - /Dec 2015, April 2016, Nov 2016/ - ALL PARTNERS