Report on 1st Transnational Project Meeting



    Report on 1st Transnational Project Meeting in Slovakia



    Date: 20 – 22nd October 2015

    Duration: 3 days

    Attendees:19 total (2xUK, 3xRO, 3xSK, 3xHR, 5xPL, 3xTR)

    Place: Private Primary School with Nursery for children with autism, Prešov, Slovakia

    Agenda: see agenda of 1st Transnational Project Meeting



    Items Discussed:

    • Meeting of key project professionals

    • Barry Currell did not attend due to family reasons – will attend training with one more representative from his school – discussed over e-mail in advance

    • Presentation of host school

    • on Wednesday 21st October 2015, Open Day for public took place on the same date, visit to vice-mayor of Prešov to promote the project

    • Project outcomes and activities

    • each meeting participant recieved a folder with all project documentaion containing: agenda of the meeting, project evalulation, budget at national level, project timetable at national level, Europass documentation, Addresses of all partners, obseravation sheet for student assessement, example of a case study

    • all partners discussed and understood their duties as writen in application form – website – SK, handbook – TR, DVD – Romania, Questionnaries – HR, Logo, poster and FB site – PL, Analisis of educational systems in regard to vocational and pre-vocational education, transition from education and work and sheltered employment in all partner school – UK,

    • Logo and poster were chosen from the selection of 8 different designs prepared by students from Polish partner school

    • Timetables of the project

    • each participant received detailed timetable of project activities, obligation and outcomes at national level in chronological order – see TWINSPACE

    • some changes will take place after discussion – see the section 1st and 2nd Short Term Joint Staff Training prepartion at the bottom of this report.

    • Quality and quantitiy mesures of the project

    • questionnaires for professionals – at the beginning and at the end of the project

    (on-line questionnaires will be prepared by Croatian team using google document and sent to other partners for translation and redistributing among professionals at their schools – results to be sent in graphic form back to Croatian team

    • quality feedback sheet will be filled in after each short term joint staff training – country responsible – Slovakia

    • observation sheet for student testing on effectiveness of video-modeling and process scheemes were sugested by Slovak team. It was discussed and agreed on the layout. The example of the case study was presented and accepted by all participants. Criteria of the studetns: at least 2 students will be tested at each school in the preriod of 5 week – see the observation sheet.

    • Etwinning and TWINSPACE

    • The project has been set up at eTwinning using TWINSPACE as a platform. Participants were presented the TWINSPACE of the project and were encouraged to invite more members from the school to become members and/or visitors of the project at TWINSPACE to increase dissemination of the project

    • All documentation, relevant pictures, outcomes will be uploaded regularly on TWINSPACE

    • Europass

    • The process of applying for the Europass mobility documentation was discussed. All participants have the example of the document in their folder as well as addresses of the Europass centres in their countries. All partners are aware that it is our obligation to register all participants of short term joint staff training at their national Europass centres in order to obtain a special refference number for each mobility in advance.

    • The Europass mobility certificate will be filled in and signed by a school which will host the short term joint staff training (Poland, UK, Turkey) with support of main coordinator

    • Facebook

    • each partner school has agreed to assign one person who will be an admin of FB fun page of the project and in order to register that person as an admin, an e-mail address of these people, which they use to sign up on their personal FB and their full names as they appear on FB will be sent to Polish partner

    • 1st and 2nd Short Term Joint Staff Training

    • The content and agenda of the meetings were discussed. Meeting in Poland will take place as agreed before on: 23rd - 27th November 2015 in Bytom. The agenda was presented and discussed. The final agenda will be sent to partners before the training.

    • Partner from the UK has presented their school and suggested the agenda for the 2nd Short Term Joint Staff Training in Hartlepool. Croatian team suggested to move their entry into 3rd Short Term Joint Staff Training as the key professional Maja Postoglu will not attend the training in the UK but in Turkey.

    • Slovak partner will create the structure of the Analisis of the educational systems in special needs and the pre-vocational and vocational education and send it to all partners before the training in Poland.

    • All participants has agreed on the following dates of the trainings and meetings:

    2nd Short Term Joint Staff training in the UK:14th - 18th of March 2016

    2nd Transnational Project meeting in Croatia:10th - 12th of May 2016

    3rd Short Term Joint Staff training in Turkey:7th – 11th of November 2016 (there is change with the application form – the planned month was October. Date moved after discussion – prices of flights)

    • Patners will discuss the dates with their management and cofirm them by 6th of November – deadline.

    Other info:

    • All participants signed the list of attendance and received the certicficate of attendance.

    • The suggestion for the aims to appear on the project poster to be sent to coordinator from Poland the following week after the meeting.

    Report sent to:

    Burry Currell

    Cristina Mosoni

    Maja Postoglu

    Sylwia Paluszka-Wilk

    Ozlem Yesiltepe

    In Prešov, 23rd October 2015 Monika Smreková

    project co-ordinator