Report on 2nd Project Meeting in Zagreb

  • Report on 2nd Transnational Project Meeting in Croatia


    Date: 10 – 12th May 2016

    Duration: 3 days

    Attendees: 18 in total (2xUK, 3xRO, 3xSK, 4xHR, 3xPL, 3xTR)

    Place: Srednja škola Centar za odgoj i obrazovanje, Zagorska 14, Zagreb, Croatia

    Agenda: see agenda of 2nd Transnational Project Meeting in Croatia


    Items Discussed:

    Presentation of host school

    • Presentation of a host school. Student’s performance on importance of communication in Europe.  Open day for public took place at the same day in order to project dissemination and promotion.

    Project evaluation

    • Project outcomes such as project logo and project poster were created and used appropriately with an EU emblem for Erasmus+. Project website is created in six languages – all languages of the project – and ready for new uploads (video scenarios, photo instructions and other project outcomes)
    • All project meetings, trainings and activities took place according the project timetable except:
      1. Open Day in UK in March 2016 – postponed to February 2017 – Annual Open Day at Catcote Academy
      2. Open Day in Poland in November 2015 – postponed to June 2016
      3. Presentation of  Monitoring the process of socialization and assisting with employment of qualified students during 2nd Short Term Joint Staff Training in UK in March 2016 – will take place in November 2016 at 3rd Short Term Joint Staff Training in Turkey

    (all changes has been discussed and approved in advance with a project co-ordinator)

    • During the meeting and trainings additional activities and training took place on top of our planned activities as an added value to the project / all of these activities were related to the project and will help to achieve better outcomes and fulfil the aims of the project.
    • All partners responded that they have learned also in non-formal educational way – by observing other school’s environment, sharing examples of good practice, taking part in non-formal conversations.
    • Implementation of our project at all partners school are taking place: after each training the dissemination seminars take place at the schools in order to inform, disseminate and implement new methods, approaches and strategies seen and presented at the schools.
    • All partners are working on process schemes/photo instructions and video scenarios according the timetables which are gradually updated on our OER Project Website. All partners are uploading all relevant information on our dissemination portals – eTwinning TWINSPACE and Facebook. All partners created their YouTube channels: My work is my future – SK/TR/PL/UK/RO/CRO in order to upload new video scenarios.
    • All participants of our Short Term Joint Staff Training have received Europass Mobility Certificate.
    • All quality and quantity measures such as a questionnaire, training evaluation form were applied according the project application form.
    • Communication among project partners is considered as effective and during the project: e-mails, phone calls, eTwinning, TWINSPACE, Facebook


     Project outcomes

    During the meeting the discussion about the design of the project outcomes took place.

    1. Analysis of national specifics concerning pre-vocational and vocational education, transition of students to world of work, building links between school and future employers / UK


    • the table of the analysis has been presented – it will be shared with project coordinators of each country in a form of open google documents in order to fill in all missing sections
    • after last entries which will be presented in Turkey in November 2016 all sections will be filled up and ready for final editing / the outcomes will be in English and uploaded at VALOR and on our TWINSPACE.


    1. Booklet with Process schemes/photo instructions  / TR
      • the booklet will contain information about the method, which is available in all languages in form of PowerPoint Presentation on our Project website It will be divided into six sections according the skills as on our website – Self care skills, Play skills, Academic skills, Social skills, Work skills, Motor skills. In each section 2 examples of a process scheme will be presented. Then each page will contain the link of our website where other process schemes are to be found.
      • Turkish partner school will produce this brochure in English for other to translate to their language / this outcome will be added at VALOR, TWINSPACE and our Project website
      • Booklet will have our project logo and logo of Erasmus+ on it.


    1. Project DVD / RO
      • After a discussion all partners agreed that we will replace DVD for memory sticks/USB flash cards – they will contain all presentations of the project and will be divided into these sections:
      • 1. School Presentations – Power Point or Video presentations

    2. Presentations of methods – All presentations of all methods presented during all three Short Term Joint Staff Trainings.

    3. Presentations of national specifics

    • 3.1 Educational Systems
    • 3.2 Transition of students to the world of work
    • 3.3 Links between schools and employers


    • All presentations can be in Power Point, Prezi, Video / or converted into PDF
    • All presentations will be in English
    • This outcome will be uploaded on VALOR
    • The content of this outcome is presented for public on TWINSPACE of our project
    • Each country will received 2 memory sticks
    • Each memory stick will have a project logo and logo of Erasmus+ on it


    1. Project website / SK

    Project website is created and ready for uploads of video scenarios and process schemes/visually cued instructions. Website has been translated into all six languages of the project. So far there are information about project and its aim, project partners and links for eTwinning page, which contains all relevant information for public, and after login, all information for all project members. The information about video modeling and process scheme are accessible via website through the link which leads to slide share and Prezi presentations in all project languages. New video scenarios and process schemes are gradually uploaded on the website.

    By the end of June 2016 – 4 process schemes and 4 video scenarios per country will be uploaded on the website to be ready for midterm report.


    1. Methodology / all partners will participate / final outcome / SK

    Methodology is one of the outcomes mentioned in our application form.

    It will contain information on:

    1. Building small businesses at school / UK
    2. Monitoring the process of socialization and assisting with employment of qualified students / CRO
    3. Occupational Therapy / RO
    4. IVP / TR
    5. Workshops - \just pictures of 2 – 3 workshops you have at school – with a name/ All partners
    6. Use of ICT / In order to create and use video modeling and process schemes use of IWB, tablets, cameras, video cameras are various programs / YouTube, slideshare, padlet, programs for video editing.. etc.

    Each of this topics will be written in word document, size A4 with a picture / max ¼ of the A4.

    All this texts will appear in the methodology. Slovak partner will add the entry – explanation at the beginning and the visual design.

    This outcome will be accessible for free download on our website, therefore it will have to be translated into all project languages.

    Project and Erasmus+ logo will be visible at the front page of this outcome.


    All project outcomes must be ready until the last project meeting in Romania. Materials and texts for the methodology must be sent to Slovak coordinator by the end of April for the visual design and then Slovak partner will send the Methodology to all partners for translation in Word document. Each language version needs to be sent back to Slovak coordinator in order to be uploaded on the website and on VALOR.


    Midterm Report

    As instructed by NA in Slovakia (coordinating country) the midterm report will be filled in in paper and sent to NA on the date given in the contract between the partner school and its NA. The report should be filled in national languages. Each partner will fill in the midterm report on their behalf with all relevant information. It is necessary to explain if any of the activities has not taken place and provide the new date. Also if the number of people attending the meeting or training has changed, explain the reason why. (if you discussed such change with your NA before, just mentioned it). Explain that we changed the date of the first meeting from September to October due to delays from the European Commission.

    All countries will receive their midterm report form soon with the guide how to fill them in from their NA.

    All counties will soon have access to Mobility Tool, but it is not ready yet for our project to upload a midterm report. All data will be added to Mobility Tool Portal when asked by National Agencies.

    Project implementation – describe how we are fulfilling the project aims and our project activities and targets = each country specific responsibilities.

    Use of budget for project implementation and dissemination needs to be explained.

    Application form and a contract between the NA and the school are the most relevant sources of information.

    All dissemination activities / meetings etc needs to be mentioned in the report.

    Website, Facebook, eTwinning and Twinspace links will be added to the report.


    3rd Short Term Joint Staff Training in Turkey

    The content and agenda of the training was discussed as well as time dedicated to the lectures and presentations. Training in Turkey will take place as agreed before on:7th – 11th  November 2016 in Izmir (there is change with the application form – the planned month was October. Date moved after discussion – prices of flights) The final agenda will be sent to partners before the training.

    Project partners who are using IVP will share their examples during the training in Turkey - translated in English.


    Visit to institutions (Good examples of employment of people with intelectual disabilities)

    Visit to URIHO - Institution for rehabilitation for disabled people by professional rehabilitation and employment: - good example of successful sheltered employment.

    Visit to Restaurant Vinodol - example of good practice of successful employment of students from Croatian Partner School at Open Labour Market.

    Visit to departements of practical training of students of Croatian Partner School at partner vocational secondary schools the school cooperates with - Workshops of Tailoring and Haberdashery. 


    Other Info:

    It has been suggested to hold final meeting in Lugoj in Romania on 9th – 11th May 2017. The date has to be confirmed by all partners till the next meeting in Turkey.

    All participants signed the list of attendance and received the certificate of attendance.

    Report sent to:

    Burry Currell

    Wendy Wharton

    Cristina Mosoni

    Maja Postoglu

    Sylwia Paluszka-Wilk

    Ozlem Yesiltepe


    In Prešov, 26th May 2016                                                        Monika Smreková

                                                                                                 (project coordinator)