Two more language activities


    Dear friends,

    Are you also still at school looking forward to the holidays? have you covered all the topics in your course book and do you have time to revise? Do you fancy playing a game that is linked to our project and at the same time practises grammar? If your answers are YES, below here you can find two speaking activities / language games that we have created especially for this project.

    You certainly know the speaking activity FIND SOMEONE WHO... so here is our version:

    The second one is a game and you need to print the sheets and cut them into little squares. You also need sheet with YES or NO answers and something that spins very well (e.g. a small bottle or compasses). The students are in groups of two or three, in turns take the little cards and read aloud the yes or no questions. Then they spin the bottle or compasses to see the answer. They keep the cards to which the answer was YES and in the end they report what will happen to them in the future. Don ´t take it too seriously - it is just fun. Enjoy.

    Best wishes from the Czech team


    You can download FIND SOMEONE .... here:           

    You can download WHEN I AM 65, WILL I ... ? here: