Czech team meets the author/ illustrator

  • Illustrations are important too ...


    Rumcajs is a fictional character of a series of bed-time stories that are very popular with the children in the Czech Republic (the Polish children may know them too). He is a robber but a good-natured robber who used to be a shoemaker and started living in a cave in the middle of the forest Řáholec and robbing rich people because he was withdrawn from his workshop. He has a wife Manka and a small son Cipísek who live with him in the cave.

    The cartoons that made the modern fairy tale that popular were made by the Czech artist Radek Pilař (1931 – 1993).

    On 19/5/2017  a new exhibition was opened in the Town Gallery in the Municipal Museum in Vysoké Mýto – it showed some of the drawings of Radek Pilař (not in the photo show because of the copyright) and also pictures created by the children from Vysoké Mýto schools. At 7 p. m. there was a discussion with Radek Pilař´s daughter  and a few of our students took part in it. She spoke about her father, about Rumcajs and how the cartoons were created – it was very interesting. In the end the children asked her a few questions such as if her small children like the stories about Rumcajs as well and what other stories they like reading. You can see some photos from the exhibition and from the discussion in the photo show below.





    Author: Cristina Silva