Meet an author / teacher at Lousã school cluster

  • A book by Henriqueta Cristina – a Teacher in Lousã School Cluster, illustrations by Yara Kono


    Com 3 novelos (o mundo dá muitas voltas)

    With 3 wool balls (how the world twists and turns)

    "A story based on true facts - a family travels to another country, looking for a place where all children can go to school. However,  the new country  is far from perfect and in this grey new world, the lack of freedom is felt even in things as simple as choosing the colour of the sweater you want to wear in the morning...

    With the same old colours, the same colours as ever, a mother starts knitting and she raises a small revolution in the city!

    This story is inspired by the experiences of a Portuguese family who fled the Estado Novo dictatorship in the late 1960’s and lived a life of exile in several countries."


    Last school year (2015/16) this book was the inspiration for children, including children with special needs, teachers and parents to start knitting a large and collaborative blanket at the school libraries in our school cluster, where the author, Henriqueta Cristina Oliveira, has been teaching Portuguese and English for several years.During that school year the book has been presented to the students, parents and other members of the community in Lousã. We are very glad we have an author teaching in our school cluster.