Spanish team meets the author


    Hello friends,

    6th level students want to introduce 2 very special writers that share with us our school days. They are two teachers of St. Miquel School, our school, in Ascó. We interviewed them in groups.

    This is Mr. Josep Maria. He is the 5th level class teacher. He teaches us Spanish and hepls us with Catalan and Maths. He loves reading, writing and teaching. He likes and writes books about History, the history of Ascó, its festivals and its traditions... 

    Interview to Josep Mª


    And this is Ms. Laura. She is the 5 years old children's class teacher (Pre-primary 5). She has writen one recipe book, some children books and some for adults. The most famous book is "La cova del silur" (The cave of the catfish).


    Interviwe to Laura Mur

    It is also a pleasure to show us the event that was held in our school on 27th March. It was the visit of Cinta Arasa, a writer of books for children. One of them is "Les fades són calbes" (Faires are bald), this is the book that 5th and 6th level students read before her visit.





    All the children of the school could ask her questions and listened her interesting explanations.

    She finally signed the books that we had read.


    Interview to Cinta Arasa

    Writers are mysterious figures with lots of surprises!!