Dear friends,

    READ AND SHARE'S Reading map of Europe is finally ready!

    First and foremost, to be able to make it, I  received much help from the project's partners, as I would never learn about the most popular children's books in many countries if you did not reseach and tell me.

    I also received my ETwinning students' help at school.For example, Galini, a member of the Greek team, who is bilingual as her mum is Ukrainian, helped me a lot by conducting a small research among friends and relatives before telling me children's favourite books in Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus and Finland.So did other students in our school, too,e.g.for Albania, Serbia etc

    Also, as I am a member of teachers' forums on facebook, many colleagues from other European countries helped us create this great work by sharing with me the most popular children's books in their country.At the same time, they got informed about ETwinning and the inspiration it can provide to teachers and students.

    I would like to thank all of you and tell you that this great work broadened my horizons and gave me the opportunity to catch a glimpse of a kaleidoscope of colours which is the world of children's literature in Europe!

                                                                                                                         Christina Kasinti, the Greek team's teacher




    Let's see images from the making of our map now...

    This is what our map looked like at the beginning.Pretty different from now, isn't that true?

                                                                       And a bit later, this is an image of it...

                                                                     Just before its completion, it looked like this...


                                                                                                                   And finally,...

                                                                                                                   Now, let's have a look at  some images of how much collaboration among students and                                                                      teachers it required to be achieved. Galini is giving me the books she has found,



    My partners' help was of major importance.Some of them wrote to me in the twinspace, and some others tried really hard to help and contact me as soon as possible.

                                                                      For example, Aneta Kleisa's help was great ...



                                                                 Miroslava Borovcova's help was indispensable, too.                                                                                                                                               And so was Cristina Silva's, 

                                            and finally, here are some images from the teachers' forums I am a member of...