Portuguese team meets the authors

  • Lousã meets three authors 

    During the Book and Reading Week, organised by Lousã Town Council and School Libraries, there were sessions with three authors.

    On March 27th the Portuguese writer Elsa Lé was at EB n2 da Lousã school to present her book "Uma Casa na Lua" (A house on the Moon"). 

    In April the writer António Vilhena was in Lousã  to present his new book for children: "Picó, six fingers on the Blue Planet".

    It is a pedagogical book which focuses on  several problems: autism, loneliness, communication, the environment and the protection of the oceans. The synopsis is interesting and appropriate to different ages: "Joan is a fragile girl with many difficulties in communicating, so she has recreated her world around the character" Picó, Six Fingers ". Picó's family grew up according to little Joan's imagination, but always having ecological and environmental concerns, thus, by creating a family with six fingers they can even do more for the protection of the Blue Planet.

    The book has illustrations by Patricia Roque, text in Portuguese and English and was presented to Lousã and Freixo Kindaergartens.


    This year it was decided that it would be important to promote meetings with authors not only at schools but also in different places, mainly at bookstores.

    On May 25th the Portuguese writer Carmen Zita Ferreira visited Lousã and she was at a session held in one of the bookstores - the JaMarket Bookstore in Lousã  to present her book "The Seven-Headed Bug: story of a Democratic Election." It is a book included in the Portuguese National Reading Plan, recommended to support projects related to citizenship in the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades. The book was presented to students of EB n .1 and Casal de Santo António schools.