Evaluation II

  • Joana Dräger (Germany)

    I would say the project was very useful, interesting and helpful for connecting with other countrys and learn about these culutre. The experience was very funny, because we worked in groups and discuss from many thinghs about other countries. All in all i would say it was a great project and I’d do it again.


    Ingrida Aleknaviciute (Germany)

    ​The project was very helpful for me to practice my english skills and lears about other countries. we found out about their languages, culture, monuments and food. That was very interesting to know about the other countries, and to work with people from other countries. All in all this has been a lot of fun, and I hope this will help me in my future.

    Lesley H. (Germany)

    This project was very interesting and useful for me and my class. I like it, because it was important for my english skills and lear about other countries.Our group learned a lot about food in other countries and about influenes of other countries in our own country. It was really nice to work with the other guys who had the theme food. I hope to see you in future. 


    Yanick Hartmann (Germany)

    Honestly, I didn’t like this project at all. I didn’t really learn anything that could be useful in the future and it just felt like a waste of time. I think the general idea has potential but we didn’t work together with the other schools, so the entire project missed its point.


    Muhammed Kocak (Germany)

    First of all this project was kind of funny but i didn’t find it any instructive and helpful. The main reason why this project failed to me was because we didn’t work with any schools directly. I hope the next schools who want to do such a project will work together and do things right we did wrong.


    Esra Ceyhan (Germany)

    The site was at the beginning nothing for me, because I could not communicate with other people in english. But after a time, I have many fun with this project and it was nice to learn about the other countries, about their culture, food, landscapes and other important things.


    Anna Yakimenko, Germany

    The Project eTwinning was very good for me. By this project I got to acquainted with other countries. While I and my partner have got a subject of the teacher, this subject what somebody of the other countries also had and we have prepared then together. This project had me help to improve my language. Hope we will do it again the next year, too.


    Christina Stukert (Germany)

    This project was very useful because so i learned how to comunicate with people from other counrties and i learned a lot oft the culture from other students.

    In this project i learned how I can travel to other countries and which vehicles I hvae to use.

    All in all I get experience and I can recommend this project.



    To be honest this project did not really change my life or interested me. Every lesson was really boring and I think this subject is not necessary to graduate High School. But what I want to add is that this project has a lot of potential to be very funny interesting and informative but the way it is presented it is not really well done. One expression could be talking to the other countries via skype or by phone. I wish it would be more constructive.


    It was a very great project and we learn a lot about the other countries and their food shopping centeres, cultures an much more important things .It was exciting to see what the other people post and to talk with the guys.And so you can better your English skills.i also like it becauuse i learn new languages. Laura ( Germany)


    Pelin (Germany)

    First i think that this project are not useful. I could not imagine how that should work. My opinion has not changed, but the project has given me fun made. The project mainly teached me a ton about new cultures and countries. Not only did I meet new people thanks to this project but also learned a lot about their country and ways of life.


    Dilsad Karaman (Germany)

    The project was very helpfull for me. I learned a lot about other countries like Belgium, Greece, Poland and France. Preparing this kind of presentation was a lot of fun. It was really difficult to cut our videos (language) but all in all we have laughed so much at taking these videos. The project was a great experiece for me because I always wanted to work international.


    Demet (Germany)

    This project was very useful, because learn to know new people in other countries. We learn the natonality of those. We can thereby improve ours in English. We can see new places. We can help other people. We can learn from the other people language.