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    BLIN Léo

    To have a good travel I need to bring money with me and my piece of identification so I take my wallet. If I want to join someone I need to bring my phone, I can take photos and I always listen music on my phone so I take my headphones. To recharge my phone I take my phone charger. And to carry all of this I take my favorite satchel.


    BOITEUX Théo

    -My phone to take photos, listen music.

    -My backpack to carry all my stuff.

    -My sunglasses because I'll obviously travel where there will be a lot of sun.

    ​-Some money to buy everything I'll need or want like souvenirs.

    ​-My earbuds to listen my music.





    BOUBERT Chloé


    • My cell-phone because i have my music
    • A lot of book because i am crazy about reading
    • My ballet shoes because i can train myself
    • Money to buy gift for my friends
    • My camera to took lot of souvenirs