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    Polish-Greek Skype video session

    1 December 2016

    Polish photos


    That was an amazing experience for me to talk with people who do not speak Polish. I was afraid to talk but over time I opened myself. I hope next time our conversation will be much better and I will learn even more.

    Szymon Góral

    I think that we could talk with people from another country was awesome experience. We could with them about their country and found out some new things about their school or weather in Greece. I talked with boys who were very nice, positive and funny people.

    Pola Hulbój

    2 weeks ago, we were talking with Greeks. It was great experience and we had a lot of fun. People from Greece are so kind and cheerful. We shared our Facebook accounts and we can talk with each other every day. I would like to know Greece better! I regret that I couldn't talk with everyone, but I hope that we will talk someday :)

    Wiktoria Pokorska

    On the 1th of December we were talking with Greece. It was great experience! I am impressed of Greek people. They are great people: smart, kind and funny. We can develop our English and know different culture which is very interesting. I would like to keep this contact for a long time. We shared our Facebook profiles, so we are in touch now.

    Olga Nowacka

    Photos from Greece

    ​We loved the snow! Thank you for meeting us!

    ​Our IMPRESSIONS from the meeting (Greek School):

    It was amazing that we could talk with people from another country. The climate was very cool. I like snow!

    Dimitris Liberis, A2

    It was amazing the fact that we chatted with students from another country. We got a first idea of their school and their city. The weather there is amazing.

    Dionisis Mouzis, A2

    The communication with students from Poland was a great idea. However, I got disappointed because we didn’t have a chance to talk to them due to Internet connection problems.

    Sotiris Garmiris, B1

    Our First Virtual Meeting with the Polish School!

    The video chat was really enjoyable. I’m sure the other group liked it as much as our group. At first, we talked with Wictoria and her friend (whose name I can’t remember) and soon came Alberto, as well. We chatted for almost half an hour, we met almost the whole Polish group and we learnt many things from each other and we had lots of laughs, too. They showed us how the entire place outside was covered in snow and we were surprised by the fact that they had light clothing despite the weather. Alberto asked us to tell him something “epic” from Greece and that kept us thinking for a while and all we told them was about the Acropolis. Dionisis came up with a nice idea. He asked the polish group if they know any Greek words. The group started thinking when suddenly we heard Alberto say “tzatziki” *and at that point we all had a good laugh. After some time we realized that we were having a lot of fun and so I suggested we find a way to communicate any other time and so we became friends on Facebook. Long story short, I’m really glad we talked with the Polish school and, most of all, I really like Alberto and Wictoria. I’m really looking forward to talking to this group again and the Belgian, as well!

    ​* "Tzatziki" is a spicy sauce made of: yoghurt, cucumber and garlic.

    Emilio Duka, B3

    My connection with the Polish school failed multiple times and I was very disappointed. The girl that I had the chance to talk to for two minutes is named Victoria and I LOVE the name Victoria, so I was looking forward to chatting with her! Later, we had a successful connection with two boys so that kind of cheered me up. If I had the chance, I would love to talk to these people again.

    Diana Michailidou, B3