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    • Onlinemap erstellen (Interessante Gebäude/Landschaften)
    • Links hinzufügen (Bilder, Videos, Infos)
    • Quiz/Erkundungsspiel(?)


    • Creating a online-map (Important Buildings/Landscapes)
    • Add links (Pictures, Videos, Infos)
    • Quiz/Exploration Game(?)

    Result of research:




    Italy and Apulia's landscape




    Poland and Jaworzno's Landscapes


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    Romanos Koureas , Greece

    I would really love to go to EACH of those countries.I also loved some things mostly from each of your projects .First of all,i enjoyed the mountains at the Italian video, which is (FOR me) the best place to go for hiking and relaxing in nature !!! Seconly,the beautiful lakes and that beautiful scenery at the park(from Poland) !!! Last but not least,i really enjoyed the railway yard which looks pretty good and I want for sure to go there , also loved the workshops ,i would really want to see how they work but wish i could do something there apart from just watching , but I loved it (For German)!!!