Please say what the project introduced into/changed in your studying/life/relationships etc. Say what you liked and disliked about it. Anna Pławecka (Polish Teacher)

    Petrit Berami (Germany)

    think this project was a great opportunity to learn about other countries, their culture and their habits. We had different topics like football stadiums and museums. Unfortunately we didn't had much contact with other schools. That would be very important to have the opportunity to talk with students from other countries. But except of that it was a nice project with a lot of fun.


    Beyza Kahya (Belgium)

    This project was very instructive and usefull. I like it because it was important for my language.The skypesessions were also very nice. On this project I learned also about other cultures and I like it very much. I hope that we are going to do this also next year!


    Soukaina Raguragui (Belgium)


    This project was very informative! We learned a lot of things from other countries. This project helped me to speak more English in the class and with people. The language was difficult for me but we held a skype sessions.That was very nice, we met students from another countries like Greece and Poland this made talking English easier. In this way, it was nice to get les. I hope that we also use this next year! 


    Ali Azirar Belgium 

    In our opinion this project was a very good way to practise our english skills and learn about other countries. It gave me the opportunity to meet those nice people form other countries. Some of them added me on Facebook and Instagram. we learned plenty of things about their countries and their lifestyle. I can't wait to see our friends inperson!


    Kaoutar Darkaoui & Badia Dahmich (Belgium)

    We enjoyed this project! It was nice to meet people of different countries. It was a project about travel guide and our group choosed the shopping. The people who we worked with are Laura W., Michelle, Kevin, Wiktoria, Fortunato and Scamarcio. It was really nice to meet you guys! We hope to see you in the future!


    Assim Boujouh (Belgium)

    I am really happy that we participate this project because it helped me to talk more English with people that I don't know. During this schoolyear there were skypesession with students from Poland and Greece. In these skype session we talked about school, food and how to travel to their country. In my opinion this project was a very nice way to practise my english skills and learn about other countries. What I didn't like was that the connection wasn't always good so it wasn't that easy to understand each other. But overall I really enjoyed this project. 


    Nada Boulal (Belgium)

    It was a very nice project that I liked, because it teached me how to talk with students from other countries that I don't know. I really liked it because now I know more about other cultures and countries. It also gave me the opportunity to meet new people from Poland, Greece,...  I think for me it was very helpful because I was very insecure about talking English to people that I don't know but now I'm more confident about my English skills. Sad enough we didn't skype with more countries so that was something that I didn't really like. During this project I learned not only about Belgium but other countries as well. It was a very nice and cool experience! 


    Siham Marchouhi (Belgium)

    This project was very useful. At the beginning I didn't like it that very much because I wasn't sure about how I could learn to talk English. But at this point I'm very happy we did this project because I've enjoyed it. Making the travelguide made me realise that Belgium is a very interessting country where you can see and do a lot of things. There wasn't something I didn't like. I also made some new friends and added them on facebook so we can still keep contact when this eTwinning project is over. What I really liked about this project was that it gave you the opportunity to talk more English and learn about new countries. This is something you can't do on school. 


    Lamyae Boudellaha (Belgium)

    I really liked this eTwinning project. Not only because I've learned how to socialize but right now I also know a lot more about some new countries and cultures. I also liked the fact that it was all in English because English is a nice a
    language and I would like to learn it. I've also learned how to travel and cope on my own in these countries. Sadly I didn't like the skype meetings because the connection wasn't always that good. But after all I really learned a lot in this project like how communicate with foreign students and I hope next year we will do the same but with other countries and cultures. 

    Bulent Dogan (Belgium)

    The project mainly teached me a ton about new cultures and countries. Not only did I meet new people thanks to this project but also learned a lot about their country and ways of life.  I'm really glad we did the skype calls as this was really fun I just wish we had skyped with every school so we could learn more instead of just a few. I personally love learning and meeting new people so It would have been a joy to me if we had met more schools. The fact that we worked with different countries amazed me. 


    Seel Sam (Belgium)

    This project was very useful, because it learns you how you can communicate with other studens from other countries. For me I really enjoyed it, because I got to know new people that are not in the same country that I live in and I also liked that we got to skype with students from Poland and Greece. Because of this projcet I learned how to travel to other countries and how I will find my way there. I also learned about other cultures and other traditions around the world "Europe". I learned about their traditional food, monuments, landscapes, ....  I also liked it that I got to learn new languages, because I like learning languages very much and I would like to learn more than 10 languages in the future. The one thing that I didn't like that much is that during the Skype meeting with the Polish and the Greek studens the connection wasn't that good and that was the reason that we didn't understand them very well. Overall I loved this project and I would like to do it again next year.


    Szymon Góral (Poland)
    I find the project very useful and helpful for learning. That was a very teaching experience. I have improved my fluency of speaking by talking online with students from other countries. The assignments we had to deal with gave me a small look into culture of the rest of Europe. I do really like it and I am really sad that we had so little online meetings. If I had to change something I would like the other schools to be more active. I hope I will take part in project like that once again in my life.


    Katarzyna Kardas (Poland)
    I am really satisfied with how the project turned out. I had lots of fun meeting new people and talking to them. I learnt many interesting things about foreign countries and things connected with them like food, language or their monuments. It is really amazing that a bunch of people from another countries can cooperate so well. It was a hard work to do but I think it will be useful in the future while travelling or working abroad. All in all, I really believe it was worth all the effort and I’m looking forward to another experience like this.


    Julia Wierzbik (Poland)

    I think that project was an amazing opportunity to gain expierience. I learnt many different things about other cultures in field of its national cuisine, monuments, languages etc. During the online meetings I could improve my language skills and I met new people all around Europe. The tasks we had to do were hard sometimes, for example travel regulations. It taught me a lot. That expierence wil be helpful during travelling. I believe taht participating in that project will help in my future life. For instance It will be useful during my future job interview. I really appreciate that I joined the e-twinning project.


    Olga Nowacka (Poland)

    I think that this project is very helpful. I developed my knowledge about Europe. I met awesome people from another countries and got to know more about their culture and daily life. I could compared my school life with other’s. The Etwinning project also improved my language skills. My english is more fluently right now. I’m regret that we had only two online meetings, because I would like to talk more with my new friends. They are very inspiring and they have beutiful souls. During this project I spend my time in the best way. I want to see my friends from Europe.


    Magdalena Sędzielowska (Poland)

    I can tell that this project gave me a lot of fun and satisfaction because of our international cooperation. Meeting new people is very important for me as much as learning about other cultures, their customs, food and life. It is great that so many teenagers around the world can speak English at  this high level. Some tasks demanded from us a lot of work and creativity but we got through this together and for sure I have learnt some new skills for example in editing videos and creating interactive presentations. It will be helpful for me in the future. Great time with great people.


    Pola Hulbój (Poland)

    This project was very useful for me. We took part in different activities and thanks them we can learn a lot about other countries from people who also took part in this project. We found out about their languages, culture, monuments and food. We met our peers because we had possibility that talking with them by Skape. I consider that this kind of project can help us improve our language skills and find out more about other part of the world. I consider that this was amazing experience in my life and I would like to take part in this kind of projects that learn more.


    Miłosz Papaj, Poland

    I really enjoyed this project. It was a great experience which gave us a lot of knowledge about many countries from around the world. We shared some of our culture and beauty of our countries such as cousine, sightings, important buildings etc. Also i really liked video conversations that allowed us to meet a lot of amazing and interesting people from many countries that gave us a sample of their language.


    Alberto Verna, Poland

    On the beggining i was sceptic about the project i didn't think that it would be a succes. But boy was i wrong! The project gave us new ways for learning about another cultures, another people. Online chatting was really fun and that's a pitty we chatted only few times. I learnt a big amount of information watching presentation and work of another schools. I really hope we could meet each other one day beacause project was fun!


    Natalia Wiatrowska, Poland

    This project was a nice experience for me. We could get to know  the culture of other countries, their languages and first of all to improve our skills.   We were doing a lot of difference, creative and interesting tasks. During them we had the opportunity to work together even though everyone was in another place on Europe. The best thing that  happened to me was online meetings. I am pleasantly suprised by the whole project and i have a hope that i will be able to take part in it again


    Katarzyna Wołoszyn, Poland

    I'm really grateful that I could take part in this project. I never travelled abroad and it was my first time when I had oppurnity to talk with people from another countries. I improved my skills of English language. I met friendly and nice people. Some of them added me on Facebook. We have contact to date. I found out a lot informations about their culture and daily life. We had also different tasks during which we could integrate together. It was very exciting experience in my life. If I have next oppurnity to take part in such project, I'll do it again!


    Diana Michailidou, Greece

    I am super grateful that I got to be a part of a project like this one. It was a  unique experience and I wouldn't change anything about it. I loved doing all these tasks and talking with people my age all around the world. I hope this programm continues, in order for the kids of the next generation to experience it as well. It was nice working with you all. All the love, Diana.


    Sotiris Chaideftos, Greece

    it was a nice experience to work on this project. I learned about other countries their cultures , food ,museums and many other facilities.I have a conversation with another country and I learned much about them . WIth many of the children that we talk we keep talking through the social media networks.I hope next year to have the opportunity to travel  to other countries. I would do that project again and again..! 


    john vouzoulias and tasos kaminakis, Greece

    This project was excellent and it helped a lot to socialize and know about new countries and cultures.We think that this project made strong ties between the members and it helped with the universal peace...we hope that this project will continue next year  so we can join next year, too.


    Sotiris Garmiris Greece 

    I believe that this project was a great opportunity to learn about other countries, their culture and their habits. I also met new people and made some real friendships. i would definitely  participate in a project like that in the near future . !!!


    Emilio Duka and Christina Matsou, Greece

    We loved doing projects with students from other countries and meeting them. We made some great friends and from them, we learned plenty of things about their countries and their lifestyle. We can't wait to see our friends from up close!


    Angelica Babali and Maria Mahmutaj, Greece 

    In our opinion this project was a very good way to practise our english skills and learn about other countries. We have a great time all together  in this project. We made new friends from Poland. We studied about Antalya, Turkey and we enjoyed the project we did about The Mall Athens and other shoppimg centers. We also like the Polish lifestyle and their traditions. 


    E-twinning..Yeaah it was a great year this project was something new for us it was wonderfull to chat with people from different countries and different perspectives.I loved the day when we talked with the kids from Europe i dont remember excactky the country but i remember those good kids !Hope we"ll do it again the next year !Love,Tsiligeridou Maria <3


    I really enjoyed this project. It gave me the opportunity to meet those great people form other countries. It was very nice to meet you guys! It was also beneficial to learn things about your homelands and share informations about greece. Christina Lagogianni, Greece.


    Michelle Z. (Germany)

    This project was very intresting because I can learn and read a lot about other cultures and their shopping centers. I learn much about different shopping cities and much more. Furthermore I have learn much about my own city too because I haven´t look for the history from the shopping centers in my town.