Belgian - Polish Live Meeting 21.02.2017

  • On 21st February 2017 students from Belgium and Poland met on a Sype video session. Everybody managed to speak English a lot.

    It was a perfect experience.


    The online meeting was very funny! We met friendly and nice people. We taught our new friends some polish words and we knew their culture and language too. I want to do this again. ~ Katarzyna Wołoszyn

    This online meeting was very friendly. I could meet new people and discover new culture. Both sides could learn something new. -Julia Wierzbik

    I'm really pleased with how our meetings went. We met very interesting people and learnt some Dutch words, it was cool. ~ Kasia Kardas

    This meeting was a good experience. We spent our time very nice and we learned about life in Belgium. I hope that someday we'll talk again. ~ Wiktoria Pokorska 

    Once again we were able to talk with people from other countries. Again that was amazing, we learned some new words, we were joking about tongue twisters in each language. Thank You so much for Your time, I hope You enjoyed our meeting as much as we. ~ Szymon Góral

    The meating was great, we could talk and meet people from another country and learn something new about their city and their cultue, also they were very friendly and interesting. ~ Miłosz Papaj

    It was so nice to meet you guys. I had a lot of fun talking with all of you. Also it was awesome to learn something new about your country like for example some new words and your nationality. ~Magda Sędzielowska