• Here you can post a photo of the three items you never leave at home when you travel. Then you can explain why you chose those items. Don't forget to mention your name.

    When i travel , i always take with me: 

    1) My mobile phone because i can take photos with it and surf the internet.

    2) My headphones because i want to listen to music when i travel.

    3) My keys because i like to use them like worry beads.

    George Darivianakis 

    When i have to travel, i always take my:

    1) My digital camera because i love to take pictures everywhere i go.

    2) MY favourite basketball ball , because i love to play basketball

    3) MY lucky t-shirt which brings me luck at everything.

    Sotiris Chaideftos :) 

    I would never leave my home without my:

    ​1)My mobile phone because I can use it to coomunicate with my family and friends and pass my time enjoyably.

    2)My childhood teddy bear because I used to sleep with it every single day.

    ​3)My book which tells the story of my favourite team AEKARA because i love football

    ​Kristiana Ndini


    When I travel, I always take with me:

    a) My mobile phone, because I listen to music on it all the time.

    b) My lip-gloss, because I hate it when my lips are dry.

    c) My mascara, because I love making my eyelashes look long and thick.

    Diana Michailidou <3

    I can't go anywhere without my:

    i. My phone because... oh well I am obsessed with my music.

    ii. My headphones. How am I supposed to listen to music without them and avoid the crowd?

    iii. My fav perfume. Ugh I hate bad smells.

    ​Maria Kikou


    I go nowhere without:

    1) My cellphone! I want it to comunicate with friends and take selfieees!

    2) My mascara  becauseI love long eyelashes<3

    3) And also all my favourite bracelets:P

         Maria Tsiligeridou

    When traveling,I might take :

    1) My I can Listen to My Music.

    2) My AMAZINGLY awesome painting (which my''cousin'' made for me..and its beautiful)...and the awesome,sophisticated,Native american(Indian) philosopher Chef seattle t-shirt...(which actually feels cozy,& keeps me in a status and family are nearby for me,and i am near for them)...the saying of the t-shirt is ''Earth doesnt belong to humans,Humans belong to EARTH''....and i LOVE IT !!!

    3) My laptop & Nikon Camera i can vlog the trip,or even do a recording in that wonderful place we'll be going.!!!


    Romanos Koureas (B.G)

    I would absolutely never go on a trip without taking these 3 things

    1) my bicycle

    2) my chess board

    3) my drawing tools

    ​Emilio Duka


    The first thing that i always take with me is my mobile-phone because it allos me to connect with my friends and because i love lisening music!

    I must admit tha i am a smokerand the second thing tha i always take with is a pack of cigarettes (i must quit one of these days).

    And finaly i always take with me my basket ball because i cant live without this.That's all !!



    When I go on holiday, i never forget:

    1) My mobile phone, so i can take pictures and listen to music

    2) My favourite book, so i can spend my time

    3) My make up and my favourite lipstick

    Maria Mahmutaj


    I will never go on trip without:

    1)My smartphone, to take pictures and take photos

    2)My digital camera to vlog my trip, so i can show it to my friends and my family

    3)My beauty case, with all my favourite make up equipment

    Angelica Babali

    If I have to travel, I always take with me:

    1) my smartphone, so that i can communicate with my friends or family.

    2) my headphones. I love listening to music, it keeps me calm and happy.

    3) my contact lens. It is quite difficult to go for holidays without being able to see... :P :P

    Sotiris Garmiris

    When i travel i always take with me my sunglasses because i can't stand the sun. I also take a book to read and a mp3 player to listening to music. I think that books and music are the two things i can't travel without because i love them and they make me do something and not get bored while i have to travel long distances in a vehicle.

    Christina Lagogianni

    When I have to travel, I always take with me:

    1) My block, so I can draw whatever I want.

    2) My mobile phone, because I rwant to listening my favourites songs.

    3) My favourite bag, that is huge and fits everything.

    Christina Matsou


    When I have to travel, I always take with me:

    1) My smartphone, because I want to take a lot of photos.

    2) My mp3, because I want to listening music.

    3) My favourite book, beacuse I want to spend my time with reading.

    Anastasia Liaskou

    When i travel, I always take with me:

    1) My camera to take a lot of pictures

    2)My mobile phone, because i want to surf on the internet

    3)My favourite book because i really enjoy it.

    Polyvia Liosi

    When I travel, I'd never forget: 

    1) My cellphone, because i want to serf in the internet and take a lot of photos 

    2) My favourite clothes because I fell cozy and comfortable in them 

    3) My headphones because I want to listen music when I'll travelling 

    Christina Kotsona 

    When i travel i always have with me:

    1) My mobile phone, because i want to commynicate with my friends

    2) A map, in order not to get lost

    3) My guitar, because i love jamming with other people

    Dionisis Mouzis

    When I travel i always have with me:

    1) My mobile phone, to take photos

    2) A ball

    3) My clothes 

    Dimitris Liberis