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    Bulent Dogan - 17 years young

    I would take my tech backpack with me with the following stuff in it:

    • Harddrive with movies
    • Headset
    • Laptop

    I would bring all these stuff so I can keep myself busy in a different country although I'll be out most of the time to explore the country.


    I always take some books with me...  I read a lot on e-reader Kobo on my iPad. When I go to the beach I take paper backs because that's easier.

    Also Trotter books about the places I visit I can't miss.

    Tine De Cnodder


    When I go on holiday I would take the following things with me: 

    First I would take my headphones with me, because I can't live without listening to music every day. Also it would be handy when I want to watch something on my phone. I will definitely take a harddrive with One Piece episodes in it, because watching One Piece is my favorite thing to do. I've been watching it since I was 9 years old and now I'm 18 so I've been watching it for 9 years now. Another thing that I wil definitely take with me if I go on holiday is my Iphone, because with it I can contact all my friends and family and I also could take pictures with it to keep for memory. without my phone I wouldn't be able to listen to my music. So my phone is very important to me.

    Seel Sam ;)



    I will never go on vacation without taking my phone, earphones and charger with me. They are very important to me and I can't leave them at home. So that's why I would take these three things with me on holiday.

    Siham Marchouhi 


    I would take my make-up bag, my phone and my phone charger. I don't feel good when I don't do make up. I would take my phone because i will take pictures of the places that I've visited.

    Beyza Kahya


    If I go on vacation, the first things I would take with me are my phone, charger and earphones. 

    If I'm bored I could listen music all day long. I also can take pictures of my holiday destination and text my loved ones.

    Lamyae Boudellaha


    I can’t go on vacation without my mobile phone, earphones and charger. These are three things that I can't forget. Why my mobile phone, earphones and charger? I often use my mobile phone to take pictures and to go on facebook, instagram, snapchat. My earphones I use them to listen to music (I love music) and my charger so I can charge my mobile phone.


    Soukaina Dagdag Ghali

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor geld

    If I go on vacation I will take my phone, money and loader.


    Why this stuffs?

    First thing is my phone beceause I can talk with my friends, family and take pictures. The second thing is loader for load my phone when the battery is empty. Money I can  buy food that is really important and I love eating food.



    Soukaina Raguragui


    Money, Why would anyone leave money for a holliday? I find this the one thing thats very important before anything else. Because if you are going on a trip you have to think of the primary things you need to bring not the things that you want.

    Michel Jeffrey


    I always bring my phone because it is a necssity now. Not only do i take pictures with it but also to use it for maps, transport informations and also checking out the best places to go and eat

    .Michel Jeffrey


    If I go on vacation then I will for sure take my phone and my earphones with me so I can use them to take pictures and also to listen to music when I'm bored.

    I will also take my parfum and my makeup bag. I often need them to prepare myself.

    Badia Dahmich 


    I never leave my Yeezys when going to a foreign country. I just love wearing them alot when i go out, Because when people see it they have a certain image of me.

    Also some Adidas boost shoe because it is the most comfortable shoe that I have ever worn. 

    Michel Jeffrey



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    I would never go on vacation without taking my phone, money and food with me. I just can't live without these things.

    I need food so I can survive and if my food runs out I need money to buy more. That's why I need to take food and money with me on vacation.

    I  can't leave my phone home because I love to take pictures and listen to music.


    Nada Boulal