Teens on Tour

Using the old concept of the armchair traveller from the 19th century and transferring it into modern times participants of this project will travel Europe. They will do the steps of travelling: preparation, crossing borders, imaginations, sights, themed tours around the countries involved and short language courses.

Project Journal

  • This is the mail I received. Has anyone else applied for this project?

    printscreen mail move2learn.pdf

    - Posted by Tine De Cnodder, 12.09.2017

  • On Friday I also got a mail saying that I was also selected for the Move2Learn contest. That means I can travel with this group to any of your participating countries. I haven't got the exact details yet and more information. Has anyone else particpated?
    - Posted by Tine De Cnodder, 10.09.2017

  • I was nominated for an award with this project in Belgium. I will of course let you know the result. Feeling a bit guilty because I didn't make this project but I will absoluty give all the credit to the maker and organiser of this wonderful project! Thank you Sandra for letting me participate with my class! Thank you very much!
    - Posted by Tine De Cnodder, 10.09.2017

  • The ebook is wonderful. Thank you Sandra and the german students for putting all the material together. The greek school was awarded the national quality label for participating in this project. We wish you all a great new school year!
    - Posted by ΙΩΑΝΝΑ ΓΙΑΝΝΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ, 23.08.2017

  • Now here is our ebook:

    - Posted by Sandra Hansen, 17.08.2017