Italian School


    Would it be possible to travel without a trip notebook? I don't think! Pompeo.
    Photos are the best way to catch special moments of a trip, especially when you see them again a long time later. I never forget to put the camera in my suitcase! Ilaria.
    Listening to the music relaxes me! Domenico.
    I love listening to rap music. I never forget my headphones because when I travel by car listening to music amuses me! Antonio.​

    I'm sure that everyone brings a camera with them when they go on trip, because it is the only way to remember every important moment of the holiday in the next year.


    I think that nobody travel without headphones and wallet . 

    They are indispensable .


             Risultati immagini per immagini fotocamera  

    In my opinion, you can't travel without a camera, because with it you can catch all the best moment in your holday. So, after a lot of time you can show them to your children


    The headphones are my best friends,because they make me happyalso when I'm sad. So, they can't miss during a travel!



    Camera is necessary for me because I can immortalize all I see. Photos will be a memory for the future.- Giovanna