German school

  • Laura.M

    ​You can see on my picture three objects.

    ​One of them is my mobile phone . I love my phone because i chat with my friends and family . And to talk with my family or facetime or send pictures.

    ​The second of my things is a passport because than I travel around the world and see more cultures .

    ​The last of my things is the money because when i have money than i can buy eat or sleepes in hoteles or i can buy my family presents .



    ​On my picture you can see three objects.

    ​One of them is my sell phone. I need my cell phone (mobile phone) because I want to talk with my family and freinds and send them pictures.

    ​The second of my things is money.

    ​With money I can buy some clothes or food.

    ​My third and last object on my pictures is my charging cable. I need it to use my mobile phone.


    What the German students are taking on holiday.



    The first thing I would take to holiday would be my smartphone because I want to be in contact with my friends and if anything will happen I can call for emergency.

    The second thing would be my headphones. I really enjoy listening to music and music keeps me happy every time I am listening to it.

    The last thing I would take with me are my football boots because I love playing football.


    Laura W.:

    On my picture you see three things which I would take to my holidays.

    Firstly you can see my phone. This is very important for me because I want to be in contact with my parents and friends and be up to date.
    Secondly you can see my headphones. I choose the headphones because I love to hear music and its the best thing for me to relax.

    Thirdly you can see straighteners. This is very important because I have curls. I like the curls but almost every day I smooth my hair with the straighteners.



    On my picture you can see my smartphone, my hair straightener and my photo album. I need these 3 things, because they are very important for me! My Phone is important, because I can texting with my family and friends. I need my hair straightener when I get up, because my hair is very curly and at the morning I’m finished my look with the straightener. The photo album is the best part because I feel so always associated with my friends and my family even if they are not there.



    I really love to play football, that´s why i would take my football boots, a Ball and headphones to listen to music, because with music everything is more beautiful. Football makes me happy, so everywhere i am going i need music and football. Without that i am not happy.



    In my picture you can see first my cellphone, Secondly a carry-on baggageand the third thing is my favorite beats. This three things is very important for  me ,because without them I ‘m not going  somewhere. My cellphone is for  emergency if something happen and i call my parents.The carry-on baggage is for my passport, purse etc.The (beats-) headphones  is for relaxing.


    Of my picture you can see three things which I would take with me to the holidays. Firstly on the picture you can see my mobilephone. This is the most important thing for me because I want to chat with my friends and my family or anyone else. Furthermore I want to be up to date for every time.

    Secondly you can see my headphones. I would take  them because I want to hear music every time. I love music and I can not without it.

    Thirdly you can see a notepad with a pen. This is very impotant too because when it is boring I can write or draw on the paper.


    I would take my cap with me because it is my identification and it safe against rain and sunshine.The second think is a pocket knife. I choose the pocket knife to be equipped because you can never know what happens. If you just want to open a can and you are not in your kitchen you have a problem. The third think is my smartphone. A Smartphone is really important I think, because you need to be in contact with your family and friends and you can tell someone in a dangerous situation.





    These are the three things I usually take with me when I travel. Food and water are my existential needs which I always have in my bag. I use my mobile phone for chatting, phoning and for taking pictures.


    If I am alone on a island, I would take these three things with me:
    The first one is my mobile phone, because If I have my mobile phone I never get bored. With my mobile phone I can also hear music, watch photos or I can play games with it. The second thing is chokolate, because I love chocolate and I eat it almost every day. The last thing is my powerbank. With these, I can charge my phone, without having to plug it.





    I pack in my suitcase, my phone, my charger and i take my purse with me. I need the stuff, because i call my family with the phone and can take pictures and set the alarm. I need the charger, so i can charge my phone and the usb cable to connect it to the computer.
    I need my purse, so i can buy a souvenir there to remember my vacation.



    These three things are very important for me.The parfume is a must. It is my favorite parfume.

    I take my cell phone , because i want to reach my parents. Maybe i would take pictures from the attractions.

    Last but not least, i want to put my Quran in my suitcase. My faith is strong. I find reading the Quran takes away your worry.


    On my picture you can see three objects. One of them is my cell phone, I think everyone hab a cell phone (mobile phone), in our generation it´s a must have. I have it ever with me, because so I can write with my family and friends, send them pictures and call them.

    My second thing is my Potemonnaie. So I can buy some clothes and souvenirs. And most importantly to buy some food in other countries to taste it and ears new experiences.

    My third and last object on my picture is my bag. I pack all clothes that I need in there. And also all the souvenirs I bought. 


    On the picture you can see which things I need always for a trip. On of them is my mobile, because I would like to be always reachable and I want to make pictures with my mobile so I have my trip in remembrance.