Packing your suitcase

  • First Activity

    In German there is a game called "Ich packe meinen Koffer und nehme mit ..." (I am packing my suitcase and I take with me). The first person starts and names on thing he or she is taking along. The next person has to repeat this sentence and add something new. Then it's the next person's turn and the sentence gets longer and longer and list of things to remember increases. Here we do not want to play this game but the activity was inspired by this game which is often played at children's birthday parties.

    This project is about travelling - even if only virtual. It's a trip around Europe that we will take.

    We are asking you what you cannot travel without. Take a photo of the three things you would never leave at home. Upload your photo in the "materials section" in the appropriate folder. Then add it to this page and explain why you cannot leave these things at home.


    Now go  to the forum and leave a message about the suitcases: