Shopping in the city from Hagen

    It has two centers with shops

    The first center is the Volme Galerie. In this Galerie are 20 shops about 26.000cm². The center would build at 2003. They opened on monday - friday from 10:00am - 8:00pm and on saturday from 10:00am - 7:00pm. In the Galerie are shops for example fastfood restaurants or to shop some clothes or something else. The names of this Shops are e.g. H&M , Runners Point or Mister Lady.Barcelona is a very popular bar for teenager. The rathaus galerie opened 2013 and is bigger then the volme galerie.And there are more important shops.At 2013 the volme galerie was renovated.

    Firstly we know that dont everyone like shopping but much people like it  in a survey in the class have we found that the boys dont like shopping and the girls love shopping. A few reasons were they have fun ,love clothes and love to spend there money to the shops. And the boys think its boring and its a waste of money. Furthermore they shop in the internet. Girls go in the City and shop clothes and accesoires and boys shop games and clothes. Furthermore the girls shop more then they use and boys only this what they need


    -Wiktoria Pokorska


    Greek school